Big Brother 24 Recap Episode 5: Pooch Becomes A Target

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 24 will reveal the second Head of Household for the summer. In the last episode, there was a head-to-head challenge that determined who would compete in this week’s HOH. Those houseguests included Michael Bruner, Taylor Hale, Joseph Abdin, Ameerah Jones, Jasmine Davis, Monte Taylor, and Kyle Capener.

Big Brother 24 Taylor Hale

Everything was in chaos during the last live episode due to the unexpected and sudden departure of Paloma Aguilar. Plans for the Big Brother 24 season’s first twist were instantly changed. The block nominees and Backstage Pass holders were told they would all be safe for the week. The final seven houseguests will compete for HOH tonight and then nominate two houseguests to the block for eviction.

New Alliance Forms In Big Brother 24 House

Before Paloma left the game, an alliance was formed that included Paloma, Kyle, Monte, Alyssa Snider, Michael, and Ameerah called Poe’s Pack. With Paloma out of the game, the group approached Nicole Layog to join in Paloma’s place. She graciously accepted, but she also told her ride-or-die, Daniel Durston, about the new alliance.

This is the second large alliance in the Big Brother 24 house. The Girls, Girls alliance, is still a thing, but that group has also lost Paloma. Alliances are still working themselves out in the house because this is only week two.

Big Brother 24 Head of Household Competition Part Two

The final seven houseguests line up to determine this week’s HOH for the final bout. Michael, Taylor, Joseph, Ameerah, Jasmine, Monte, and Kyle prepare for the BB Pie Fest.

This competition is a pie-eating contest, and here’s how it works. In each round, the houseguests will be asked a true or false question about the inside of the Big Brother 24 house. They will each use their mouths only to find the letter T or letter F in their pie to answer the question correctly.

Only a limited number of players will advance in each round, so timeliness is crucial in addition to picking the correct answer. Also, as the rounds progress, the size of the pies will increase, making it more difficult to find the correct letter. The last houseguest standing will win this week’s HOH.

Monte and Kyle were the last to buzz in and were eliminated in the first round. Only Jasmine, Ameerah, and Michael moved onto the third round. Michael and Jasmine will battle it out for the final round in BB Pie Fest to become this week’s HOH.

Jasmine asked Michael to throw the final round and promised him safety in return. He said OK, but he didn’t tell her that she would have to earn it. In the end, Jasmine won the week two HOH in Big Brother 24.

Big Brother 24 Week Two Block Nominees

Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli had a brilliant plan to offer himself to sit on the block this week as a pawn to get Taylor evicted. He forgot Big Brother’s number one rule: don’t ever offer to be a pawn. Even though you are a pawn, you can be evicted rather than the intended target.

Pooch visited the HOH and suggested that he and Brittany Hoopes are put on the block together, and then Jasmine could back door Taylor. Pooch doesn’t realize that the Big Brother house is now considering evicting him instead of the obvious choice, which is Taylor. There may not be a better opportunity to evict Pooch than this, which makes him a target.

Taylor also spoke with Jasmine looking to see if she needed to be worried about going on the block again. Jasmine was somewhat honest and told Taylor she would be going on the block but only as a pawn. Jasmine is uncertain which of the two nominees she wants to target this week. Only time will tell in the game of Big Brother.

Big Brother 24 Week Two HOH

At the block nomination ceremony, Jasmine decided to nominate Pooch and Taylor to the block for eviction. She is uncertain as to who her target will be this week. This is still anyone’s game to become the target for eviction.

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Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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