Who are the final nominations for the block this week? We have the Big Brother Canada spoilers for the Power of Veto ceremony results for those who just can’t wait to find out until the show tonight!


Which two Houseguests will be facing eviction on Thursday night, thanks to Head of Household baby Jon? Well, if you already know the Big Brother Canada 2 spoilers for who won the Power of Veto Competition, you have probably already guessed the answer.

Before the PoV challenge this week, it looked very strongly like it would be Heather who would be headed off to Jury House next. Then, in a very lucky turn of events for her, she managed to somehow pull off the win and grab the Power of Veto!

Naturally, at the Veto Ceremony, Heather used her new power to remove herself from the block. That forced Jon to name a replacement nomination to go up against Sabrina. Jon, unsurprisingly, decided to put up Adel.

Now the big question we still have to answer is, which of them will end up being evicted this week? There are strong arguments for either, and the house is in major strategy talks. Heather thinks they should keep Sabrina because Adel would be harder to beat in competitions. But will she be persuasive enough to make it happen?


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