Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Week 11 Competition Results (09/16/22)

It’s time for the most powerful and final Power of Veto Competition of Big Brother 24. As always, this final four Veto not only determines someone’s safety, but it gives them the power to either cast the one vote to evict this week, or it gives the HOH the power to determine who has the one vote to evict.

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On Thursday’s eviction episode, we witnessed Taylor Hale guaranteeing her spot in the Big Brother 24 finale. Now it’s all about who joins her in it. It’s also a big week for Taylor because she really needs Matt Turner evicted to increase her odds of going to the final two.

However, there is a good chance that neither Brittany Hoopes nor Monte Taylor vote out Turner. And if Turner wins Veto, then Taylor’s dreams of a final three with Brittany and Monte are completely over. Of course, this Power of Veto is critical for Brittany, Monte, and Turner because it guarantees their spot in the final three. It also gives them the sole power to cast the final vote.

As of now, Monte and Turner likely both vote out Brittany. If Brittany wins Veto, she could go either way between Turner and Monte. Taylor would prefer her to vote out Turner, but Brittany knows Taylor is close to Monte, so would likely remove him as a second option for Taylor.

However, Turner could also be good at the final Head of Household competitions, so she might want to take him out in the hopes that this increases her odds of winning it and making the decision between Taylor and Turner.

So who won the most important Power of Veto Competition of the season? Read below to find out.



Monte won the Power of Veto!

Taylor has already talked to Monte about keeping Brittany this week, but he’s already stated alone and to Turner that he plans to vote out Brittany.

Unless something major happens, the Big Brother 24 final three should be Turner, Monte, and Taylor.

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