Big Brother 24 Episode 31 Recap: Things Are Adding Up For Monte

Only four houseguests remain in the Big Brother 24 house after Alyssa Snider was evicted and sent to the jury house during the last live episode. HOH Monte Taylor felt he needed to keep Taylor Hale and Matt Turner in the house to help his end in the long run. He feels strongly they will help him get to the final two he desperately wants to attain.

BB24 Monte POV

Taylor went from the eviction block to Head of Household in a matter of minutes after beating Brittany Hoopes in a tie-breaker competition. Taylor will name the block nominees tonight, but that won’t hold much weight. This week, the final Power of Veto competition winner will call all the shots and pick who will be evicted. Who will win that power?

Drama Before Last Eviction Vote

Brittany pulled Turner aside in the storage room and tried to convince him to give Alyssa a sympathy vote. Her idea was to get Turner to vote for Taylor while he thought she was voting for Alyssa. However, they would both vote for Taylor, and she would have been evicted.

BB24 Brittany and Turner

Turner didn’t fall for the “plan” and voted to evict Alyssa, forcing Monte to break the tie. He voted to evict Alyssa, and she went to the jury house. Now, Brittany has a lot of explaining to do. Turner is concerned Monte and Taylor will think he voted to evict Taylor rather than Brittany. Consequently, he went into damage control mode immediately.

After the eviction vote, Brittany tried to convince Taylor that she did not cast the one vote for her eviction. Brittany can feel the distance between them. Taylor admitted in the diary room that she is uncertain as to which one, Turner or Brittany, is telling the truth.

Week 11 Block Nomination Ceremony

Taylor nominated Brittany and Turner for eviction this week at the block nomination ceremony. She explained that they both claim they voted to keep her at the last eviction, but someone is lying. Again, the nominations really aren’t that important this week because the POV winner will determine who is evicted this week. The POV winner will cast the only vote for eviction. If the HOH wins the POV, they will pick who casts the final vote.

Week 11 Power of Veto Competition

This week’s POV is called Math Fest, and here is how it works. The players will be shown 10 different pictures from events that occurred in the Big Brother 24 house. They must pick which day in the house that event happened and place the day under the photo. Then they will add all of those days together to get a final total. The player with the correct answer will win the most important POV of the season.


After a tough competition, Monte correctly placed all the days under the photos and added up the total more quickly than his opponents. He will choose whether or not to use the veto. He will most likely not use the veto because he is the only houseguest left to be placed on the block as a replacement nominee.

That means Monte will cast the one and only vote for eviction this week. He will have to choose between Brittany and Turner. Monte and Taylor are both guaranteed the final three in the Big Brother 24 game.

There will not be a Big Brother 24 episode this coming Wednesday but join us again on Thursday, September 22 at 9 PM EST for the live eviction vote.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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