Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Who Will Monte Evict At The Final Four?

It has been a slow Big Brother 24 week as the Power of Veto Competition played out on Friday night and not much has happened since. After the Veto was won by Monte Taylor, there has been a lot of relationship drama, but not much gameplay. Head of Household Taylor Hale and nominee Brittany Hoopes have pitched to Monte about keeping Brittany and evicting Matt Turner. 

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Both Brittany and Taylor know that their best chance of making it to those final two chairs, and possibly winning the game, is together. Monte knows this as well, and that’s why he doesn’t plan to take Brittany to the final three. He knows that Taylor likely picks Brittany over him, and Brittany definitely takes Taylor over him to the final two.

With Turner still on the board, Monte knows that he has a pretty good chance of making it to the final two. Turner and Taylor would likely take him over each other.  It’s a simple decision for Monte. Taylor and Brittany have tried and made some good arguments about how Turner could possibly beat Monte in the end, and how taking him out gives Monte another big move on his resume.

However, Monte hasn’t budged, even a little, about taking out Brittany this week. Brittany has basically accepted her fate. Nevertheless, Brittany is a superfan of Big BrotherWe would be shocked if she doesn’t make another attempt today or tomorrow to shift him into keeping her in the game.

It likely won’t happen but we have to respect the never say die attitude from Brittany.

We’ll know for sure later today whether Monte plans to vote to evict Brittany or Turner. However, expect Brittany to be the one leaving at the final four, with Monte, Turner, and Taylor making the final three.

Do you think there is any way Monte will change his mind about evicting Brittany tomorrow? Let us know in the comment section.

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