Big Brother 24 Week 11 Head of Household (HOH) (09/15/22)

Big Brother 24 is down to the final four players. In less than two weeks, either Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, Brittany Hoopes, or Matt Turner will win Big Brother. However, before they can start counting the $750,000, they need to ensure they make it to finale night.

This Head of Household Competition determines at least one guaranteed final three chairs. As outgoing HOH, Monte will have to sit on the sideline as Brittany, Turner, and Taylor compete for one of the final HOH titles of the season.

This week, the HOH really doesn’t have much power. The only real perk of being the final four HOH is that it guarantees your spot in the final three, but everything else is about the Power of Veto Competition. Whoever wins this can determine who casts the final vote of the week and also may guarantee his or her spot in the final three, or he or she can guarantee someone else’s final three spot.

On Saturday, we’ll know who won the Power of Veto Competition. This should tell us who will be the final three players going into the finale on September 25. For now, let’s focus on the Big Brother 24 Head of Household Competition.

So who won this week’s Big Brother 24 Head of Household Competition? Read below to find out.



The houseguests had to watch a video featuring host Julie Chen and then answer true or false questions about it.

Round 1-Turner and Brittany get right.

Round 2-Turner and Taylor get it right.

Round 3-Everyone gets it right.

Round 4-Brittany and Taylor get it right.

Round 5-Brittany and Taylor get it right.

Round 6-Everyone gets it right.

Round 7-Everyone gets it right.

It goes to a tie-breaker between Taylor and Brittany.

Taylor is the new Head of Household!

She makes it to the final three.

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