Who Was Evicted on Big Brother 24 Tonight? (9/15/22)

In a surprising turn of events, Brittany Hoopes won the Power of Veto competition this week when she was headed out the door to the Big Brother 24 jury house. Head of Household, Monte Taylor, had Brittany in mind for eviction this week when he nominated her and Alyssa Snider to the block for eviction.

BB24 Eviction

When Brittany won and took herself off the block, this forced Monte to nominate another houseguest for eviction. His choices were minimal, with only five houseguests remaining in the game. He could choose Taylor Hale or his ride-or-die, Matt Turner. Although Monte wants to keep both Taylor and Turner in the game, he couldn’t chance Turner being evicted by Brittany and Taylor. Who will go to the jury house tonight, Taylor or Alyssa?

Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony Aftermath

Taylor is quite familiar with sitting on the block for eviction, especially regarding eviction night. This is her fifth time on the block. Taylor and Brittany speak and want to work together moving forward. Well, Brittany wants to work with Taylor moving forward. Taylor may not return that idea.

A New Love Connection In The Big Brother 24 House

Monte and Taylor seem to be quite fond of each other as of late. In the diary room, Taylor has noticed Monte’s feelings towards her and has decided to play hard to get. One afternoon in the HOH room, neither seemed to play hard to get with one another. They seemed to enjoy each other…a lot, under the covers and the in the complete darkness!

Big Brother 24-Monte and Taylor Kiss-9

Brittany and Alyssa have noticed Taylor’s time in the HOH room this week. Brittany is now wondering if she and Taylor are aligned or if Taylor is more interested in working with Monte over her.

The Quest For Votes Before Eviction Night

Alyssa is pulling out all the stops to stay in the Big Brother 24 house another week. Alyssa and Brittany spoke about the votes this week for eviction. Brittany told Alyssa that she felt her vote would not count. Only Brittany and Turner will be voting in the live eviction.

Alyssa made a tearful plea to Turner and asked for a sympathy vote. She told him that it would break her heart if he voted her out. She also told him that his vote would affect her jury vote. Turner told her he would consider all of the information before he casts his vote to evict.

Week 10 Live Eviction Vote

Taylor and Alyssa made their final pleas to the houseguests as to why they should stay another week in the Big Brother 24 house. The votes were as follows:

Brittany voted to evict Taylor
Turner voted to evict Alyssa

Big Brother 24 Alyssa Snider

There was a tie vote between Taylor and Alyssa, and each received one vote. Monte stood in front of the houseguests and voted to evict Alyssa. During her exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Alyssa said she thought Turner would vote to keep her in the house. She was not completely surprised that Turner voted her out because of some of the comments he made during the week. She did admit that she would be a salty juror with Turner because he was her best friend in the Big Brother 24 house.

Week 11 Head of Household Competition

This week’s HOH competition is called Fashion Fest, and here is how it works. The houseguests will watch a video montage of outfits worn by Julie Chen throughout the season. After watching the video, they will be asked questions about the video they just watched.

For each correct answer, they will receive one point. After 7 questions have been asked, the houseguest with the most points will win the HOH for the week. This will also guarantee them a spot in the final three for finale night. Let’s get started.

Big Brother 24 HOH

After all 7 questions were asked and answered, Brittany and Taylor had a tied score. In the tie-breaker question, Taylor answered the closest without going over, and she won her second HOH competition of the Big Brother 24 season.

Join us again on Sunday, September 18 at 8:30 PM EST to see who Taylor will nominate to the block for eviction this week.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen


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