Big Brother 24 Episode 29 Recap: Brittany Goes Cuckoo With Veto

Monte Taylor is the most recent Head of Household Winner in the Big Brother 24 house but barely. He won the comp by just 9 seconds over Brittany Hoopes. What a difference a little bit of time makes in the game, as Brittany lost the HOH power for the week and was put on the block for eviction by Monte along with Alyssa Snider.

BB24 Brittany

With only five houseguests left in the Big Brother 24 house, each competition is increasingly more important. Brittany and Alyssa both desperately want to win the POV so they can pull themselves off the block. That would leave Monte with just Taylor Hale and Matt Turner as his renom choices. Can the girls step up and save their game?

Week 10 Block Nomination Ceremony Aftermath

Monte told Alyssa she was the pawn this week, and Brittany was his target. Although she seems to believe Monte, she won’t feel completely comfortable unless she wins the POV herself.

Taylor wants Monte to target Turner this week, but that is Monte’s closest ally. The only way Turner sees the block this week is if Taylor wins the POV and Monte is forced to nominate Turner as a replacement nominee. That is Taylor’s goal for the week.

BB24 Taylor Monte

Brittany suspects that she is the target for Monte this week for eviction. She is even more motivated to win the POV so she can take herself off the block this week to stay in the Big Brother 24 house.

Week 10 Power of Veto Competition

In the middle of the night, the houseguests were woken up by a gentleman with a german accent telling them to get to the backyard in 2 minutes. All houseguests made it back within the time limit except Monte. He was automatically disqualified from the competition before it even began.

This competition is called Snoozy Fest, and here is how it works. Each player has a giant cuckoo clock with 27 missing gears. They must solve the puzzle by placing all of the gears in place so that the cuckoo bird springs to life once the gears are turned. The first player to complete the puzzle will win the golden POV.

BB24 Turner

Brittany knocked this one out of the park and won the POV. She exclaimed, “this one’s for you, Michael,” when she finished the competition first. She will certainly use the veto to take herself off the block.

Taylor is afraid she will be the replacement nominee because of how close Monte and Turner are with their gameplay. Brittany and Taylor know that this decision will force Monte’s hand, and they will finally know where his loyalty lies with the remaining houseguests.

Brittany decided to take matters into her own hands and went to the HOH room to speak with Monte one-on-one. During their conversation, she pushed Monte to find out if he was working with Monte in addition to her and Taylor. She pushed him to see if he would nominate Turner, but Monte was not giving up the goods.

Monte told Taylor that Brittany indirectly threatened him, and he was not happy. He played it off that he would put Taylor on the block again because of this. He fears that if Turner goes on the block, then Brittany and Taylor will vote out Turner, and that is not what Monte wants to happen this week. He wants Alyssa to be evicted now.

Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony

As expected, Brittany used the POV on herself and was taken off the block for eviction this week. In turn, Monte put Taylor on the block. Monte wants both Taylor and Turner to get him to the final two. He feels that if Turner were on the block, Taylor and Brittany would vote to evict him. He is correct.

Join us again tomorrow night, Thursday, September 15, at 9 PM EST, for the live vote and eviction to make the final four.

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