Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Special Deal Arrives June 15

Every year, the powers-that-be at Big Brother provide an awesome discount early bird deal to those who sign up for the Big Brother live feeds before the show starts. This year, for Big Brother 13, we have heard the live feed special will be arriving on June 15. That’s less than a week away!

The Big Brother 13 live feed special will offer 24/7 access to all the Big Brother live feeds for just $29.99 for the whole season. The special deal will only run until July 6th, the day before the new season launches. Then the price will go back up to the regular cost. Either way, you can still test out the Big Brother live feeds with a 3-day free trial, so there is no good reason not to sign it up and check it out when the special goes live!

The Big Brother live feeds is where you’ll get all the 24/7 exclusive, uncensored access. And we do mean uncensored! I think we saw practically the whole cast naked last season at one point or another. Although we could have done without the whole icky Brendon and Rachel make-out sessions. We could NOT have done without all the fabulous back-biting, cat-fighting and nasty gossiping we saw only on the live feed stream though. Priceless!

We are only a month out from the premier of Big Brother 13 and we can’t wait! There was so much ridiculous drama last season, we are impatient to find out what kind of chaos will be happening with BB13. Check back here for all the latest dish and remember to come back on the 15th to get in on the Big Brother 13 live feeds early bird special!

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