Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 90: Nicole and Cliff Plot to Save Cliff

Things are still not looking good for Cliff Hogg III‘s Big Brother 21 game as Jackson Michie still plans to take his showmance partner, Holly Allen, to the final three over Cliff. With the tension and it just generally being not much to do, the duos kind of kept to themselves on Monday. It appears this week’s Big Brother 21 Power of Veto Ceremony has been postponed until Thursday’s Live Eviction.

Cliff and Nicole Anthony don’t plan to wait until Thursday to make their attempts to save Cliff from eviction. On Wednesday, Cliff wants to officially being his campaign to Jackson. He plans to work the sympathy-deals-your word card against Jackson.

Like Nicole, Cliff feels like Jackson should have never made new deals if he wasn’t about to honor them. He also feels Jackson is being a bit hypocritical with his claims, but Nicole mentioned that sort of being a constant in Jackson’s game, and the way he did that to Tommy Bracco last week. Nicole wants to call out Jackson during the Veto meeting by suggesting that Jackson should honor his word, and be true to the image he wants to project of being an honest, deal keeping player by taking Cliff and her to the finals because he previously said that he would rather fight the two people that he thought deserved it the most.

Nicole also mentioned that she felt Cliff, Jackson, and her embodied people who had to fight for their game survival. Nicole also encouraged Cliff to really guilt trip Jackson into keeping him, bring up his family, play up his old age,needing  the money, and cry if he has to.  She said it was easier for Jackson to cut those people because he didn’t have the same level of emotional attachment that he has to them, so it might work if they play on his emotions. Nicole also said that she would be willing to make a fake final two deal with Jackson, and that the two of them should both tell Jackson they will take him to the final two.

Nicole also said that she would even be okay with Jackson and Cliff in the final two over her, because she would rather see them there than Holly and Jackson. Nicole added that she would likely not honor that deal, and she wouldn’t take Jackson to the final two. Cliff and Nicole said they were a little angry now, but they would be more inclined to vote for Jackson in the finals, but they wouldn’t tell him that. Cliff also mentioned again that he would continue to be team Nicole in the jury house.

Jackson reassured Holly that he was taking her the final three, and they discussed what campaign angle they thought Cliff would take. They also went over again how this would have never happened if  Nicole and Cliff just honored the original final four deal and didn’t try to make so many new deals.

Besides plotting to try to save Cliff, and a few house game related rants, there wasn’t much going on on Monday. They did get a deck of cards, so that’s something. Cliff used it to play solitaire and some card tricks. There was also a hunt to find missing Orwell.

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