Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Week 7 Ceremony Results (08/22/22)

This has been one of the longest weeks of Big Brother 24 so far. it’s been so long mainly because it’s been over since Thursday’s Live Eviction episode, but we just haven’t had our next eviction yet. The only thing that could shake up the week was if nominees Monte Taylor, Jasmine Davis, Joseph Abdin, or Matt Turner won one of the two Power of Veto Competitions. 

If any of them won it, Head of Households Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins would have to reevaluate their plans for the week. Fortunately for them, unfortunately for team excitement, none of the nominees won a Power of Veto Competition. Instead, Brittany Hoopes won her third Power of Veto (two wins are shared with Michael) and Terrance won his first.

Neither planned to use the Veto. At least that’s how things stood on Saturday night after both Veto Competitions had finished. We know that Brittany still plans not to use the Veto, but we don’t know much about what’s going on in the backyard.

On Saturday, allegedly, one or multiple wall yellers began to come to the Big Brother 24 house and shout things to the backyard crew. Because of this, Big Brother has played music in the backyard and prevented Live Feed watchers from seeing the backyard events.

Despite not having much info about what’s happening in the backyard, we can assume that Terrance still has no plans to use the Veto. Once Kyle Capener told Terrance about the Leftovers, it was basically over for Joseph’s game unless he won the Veto.

So what happened at the Veto Ceremony inside the house? Did we learn what happened at the outside Veto Ceremony? Read below to find out.



Brittany did not use the Veto. On Thursday, either Monte or Jasmine become the second member of the Big Brother 24 jury.

We don’t know if the Veto Ceremony happened in the backyard, and we may not find out until Wednesday. We’ll update this post if that changes and we have a confirmation about the backyard Veto Ceremony.

As of now, we can assume that Terrance did not use the Veto. On Thursday, either Joseph or Turner will become the third member of the jury. Currently there is a rumor going around Twitter that Terrance used the Veto on Turner and Kyle and Joseph are on the block. Nothing has been confirmed about this yet.

Michael, Brittany, and Taylor Hale all want to keep Monte this week. We would be surprised if that changed, so for now, expect Jasmine to become the second member of this year’s jury. If things went as planned, Kyle and Alyssa Snider plan to vote out Joseph this week. He will become the third/second member of the jury. We expect a slow march to Thursday, but if anything exciting happens, we’ll keep you updated.

Update: 08/23/2022 @ 8:46 pm CST, it was confirmed that the rumors are true. 

Terrance used the Veto on Turner. Either Joseph or Kyle will go to the jury house on Thursday. 

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