Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Kyle Exposes The Leftovers To Alyssa And Terrance

The Big Brother 24 houseguests have been split in two this week. Half of the house is living outdoor in Dyre Fest and the other half is still inside as part of Brochella. Terrance Higgins and Michael Bruner are currently the Heads of Households. They could either use the week to take out a big threat or play a safer move to get them further in the game. Kyle Capener wants to use the house divide to take out a big player. For him, this week, that means Joseph Abdin must go.

Big Brother 24-Kyle Capener and Terrance Higgins

Kyle also wants to make sure that he saves Alyssa Snider this week. He decides to pull a Hail Mary to ensure that he protects himself and Alyssa. This meant that he needed to expose the Leftovers

Around 11:38 BBT Cam 1/2, Kyle begins to bring up the vote to take out Ameerah Jones to Alyssa. He asks her if she knows what happened with it. She seems confused. He then explains how the Leftovers formed. He tells her that Joseph’s paranoia with Ameerah running the house is how it started. He tells her how first he, Monte Taylor, Joseph, and Matt Turner came together and then brought Brittany Hoopes, Michael, and Taylor Hale into their alliance.

Kyle continues by explaining how they have been taking out all the players after Ameerah’s eviction, and how Alyssa was next to go. He explains how he saved her twice with the Veto. After he finishes explaining, he asks Alyssa if he should tell Terrance. He warns her that if she hits the block, she goes.

He says Turner and Joseph plan to vote her out. He also says that Turner may take Joseph off the block if he wins Veto. Alyssa continues to process everything but gives him encouragement to tell Terrance.

Big Brother 24-Alyssa Snider

Around 12:22 BBT Cam 1/2, Kyle tells Terrance about the Leftovers. He downplays his involvement in it and puts more emphasis on Joseph’s part in the alliance. He also mentions the Old Skool alliance being a major reason that the alliance formed. He also explains to Terrance about how they’ve been taking out players that are not in the alliance. He also reveals that during Taylor’s HOH, Terrance was the first target then Indy Santos, and then Alyssa, but he refused to use the Veto. This ended in Indy going out before Alyssa.

Kyle makes sure that Alyssa and Terrance know that he’s on the outs of the alliance. He says that because he protected Alyssa, he’s no longer in a good position in it. Kyle tells Terrance that Monte, Joseph, and Taylor are running the Leftovers and Turner is helping. He says that Michael, Brittany, and he are tired of being at the bottom and wants to make a move to better their game position.

Kyle also expresses hope that Michael uses his Brochella HOH to take out Monte. Terrance says that that’s what Michael told him he would do with it. He also tells both Alyssa and Terrance that he wants to form a new alliance with them and Brittany to potentially go against Monte, Taylor, and Turner.

Terrance also asks Kyle if the alliance knew about him trying to take out Monte. Kyle confirms that they do. He also tells him that Monte was never a target for Taylor. Kyle says he’s willing to make this move to get out the bigger threats (lists Joseph, Monte, Taylor, and Michael) if it helps players like them get further. He says he trusts Turner, but he’s in too deep with Joseph.

Big Brother 24-Kyle Capener and Terrance Higgins

Kyle emphasizes that Terrance needs to nominate Joseph and Turner this week. Because if not, then they’ll join forces and take out Alyssa. Terrance agrees to nominate Turner and Joseph.

Originally, Terrance planned to nominate Kyle and Joseph this week, with Joseph as the target. Now, Terrance will take a big swing to make a move against the Leftovers and form something new with Kyle and Alyssa.
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