Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Brochella And Dyre Fest Houseguests Revealed

Big Brother 24 introduced a twist like never before seen on the show. This one forces one side of the house to live and play outside, while the other side remains indoors. Each side of the house consists of five players. The Head of Household and four players of his choosing.

Big Brother 24-Terrance and Michael

After a long 2-hour Big Brother 24 episode, we finally got to the meat of the episode. First Indy Santos left the game, becoming the first member of the Big Brother 24 jury. Then, host Julie Chen announced that the houseguests would play the game separately this week.

The houseguests would either go to Brochella (living inside the house) or Dyre Fest (living outside the house). The Head of Household of Brochella and Dyre Fest would be determined by this week’s HOH Competition. The winner of it automatically became the Brochella HOH, the runner-up became the Dyre Fest HOH.

After a few rounds of this week’s head-to-head HOH CompetitionMichael Bruner once again won another competition. This resulted in him being the Head of Household of Brochella. This left runner-up Terrance Higgins as the HOH of Dyre Fest.

Julie then told the houseguests that what side they ended up on depended on the HOH. It would be a schoolyard team pick, with Michael getting the first choice, then Terrance, then Michael, then Terrance, and so on until each team was complete.

The Feeds have returned and we now know this week’s teams. They are as followed

Brochella (Michael’s side)

  • Taylor
  • Brittany
  • Jasmine
  • Monte


Dyre Fest (Terrance’s side)

  • Turner
  • Alyssa
  • Kyle
  • Joseph

Each side consists of at least one houseguest that person is trying to get rid of this week, so should be a very interesting week. Monte or Jasmine is likely Michael’s target, Alyssa or Kyle might be Terrance’s target. We’ll have to wait tomorrow to see who they nominate.

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