Big Brother 20 Spoilers: App Store Week 1 Winner Revealed

Yesterday, it became very clear which player received the Big Brother 20 App Store punishment: It was Faysal Shafatt. Faysal chose to take the Hamazon punishment, which resulted in him getting delivery boxes containing vegan hams.

Big Brother 20 App Store

He had to consume these hams every time he got them. Doesn’t seem too bad? Wrong, the overconsumption of ham made Faysal puke last night. Poor Faysal, but his Big Brother suffering allowed someone else to reap a reward.

We remained in the dark for the entire last night of Big Brother 20 Live Feeds. We quickly eliminated many players, but four suspects remained: Chris “Swaggy” Williams, JC Mounduix, Sam Bledsoe, and Angela Rummans.

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Chris and Angela were candidates because a lot of the first two nights focused on the competition that started the divide. However, both confirmed to their sides that they didn’t have the power. JC claimed he knew for sure that Brett Robinson had it.

However,  his claim that Brett had it could have been to throw everyone off. Earlier today, Winston Hines confirmed to Tyler Crispen that Brett didn’t have the power, but tried to make people think he had it.

This explains JC’s confusion. Today, Tyler and Sam had a conversation in the Head of Household room where she told him to not worry about her this week. She said she would be good either way.

Tyler then pressed her for more information. Her pokerface showed a big smile, even when she denied having it. She was itching to tell Tyler as Sam almost spilled the beans.

Big Brother 20-sam Bledsoe

The spoiler Twitter account thevegasforsure then confirmed this information. She also told Twitter that Sam’s power saves herself, and she has four weeks to use it. We’re assuminng this is the +1 Bonus Life reward that we saw in the App Store picture.

This power is very similar to Jessica Graf‘s Halting Hex power from the Den of Temptations, but unlike with Jessica’s power, Sam can only save herself.

Are you happy Sam received the Big Brother App Store power this week?

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