Will who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 17 in week 11 change the whole dynamic of the game? Will the new Head of Household have to choose between two of their allies in the game to put up as a new eviction target? Find out in the Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds for week 11!

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Tension runs high in the Big Brother 17 house (CBS)

The Houseguests were in a state of stress and panic inside the Big Brother 2015 house as they awaited the Power of Veto Competition on Saturday. No one who isn’t the Head of Household or wins the Power of Veto can honestly truly be safe this week. What happened at the PoV Competition today could possibly be the determining factor in who ends up winning this whole season.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

With Steve in charge as the new Head of Household, things are not looking so great for the Austwins. Vanessa is ready to break that trio up, and she’s whispering fast and furiously into Steve’s ear. With Steve working both Johnny Mac and Vanessa as allies, he had few people to choose from to put up as his initial Eviction Nominees.

So after talking things over with Vanessa and Johnny Mac (especially Van), he decided to put Austin and Liz up on the block. The goal being to get one of them out this week. Which one is still a topic of a bit of debate. For Steve, that core of that debate actually seems to be out loud with himself, which is somewhat amusing to watch on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

At the Power of Veto Competition, the best thing for Vanessa, Steve, and Johnny Mac was for Julia, Austin or Liz to NOT win the Veto so the nominations could stay the same. If Austin won the Power of Veto, we do not think he would be gallant enough to save Liz and Julia could go up with her. Which means big threat Liz would likely get the boot. If Liz won the Power of Veto, she might not use it at all for fear that Julia would go up and out, or she’d save herself and Julia would go up. In either case, Austin would likely get axed.

The worst thing for Steve, Vanessa, and John, however, would be if Julia won the Power of Veto. She would want to take her twin Liz off the block. In that case, Johnny Mac or Vanessa would have to go on the block, and with the twins voting to keep Austin (more than likely), that would be a big problem. The Austwins would likely stay intact and they’d continue to be the power force in the house with a big chance of possibly making it intact to the final four or even three.


Unless, of course, Vanessa could somehow convince Julia NOT to use the PoV by tell Julia that Liz would be safe.

Julia does not like Austin and would likely be happy to see him go and might actually be persuaded. If she’s totally clueless that you never trust ANYONE, especially not Vanessa, when they say someone is safe!

Julia has been an overall fail at competitions with only one win to her name so far this season. Thus, it was the big hope for Steve, Vanessa, and Johnny Mac, that this would be just one more fail. Best case if Vanessa or Steve won the Veto and they could make sure the noms didn’t change at all.

So who won the Power of Veto in week 11 and how will it change the game and the power dynamic in the house?

The official results are in and Austin has won the Power of Veto.

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