Who Was Nominated For Eviction In Week 11? 8/4/2015

Who will be nominated for eviction on Big Brother 17 this week? We have a new Head of Household courtesy of a late night competition on Thursday, and we’re hoping for a real shakeup when the eviction nominations are announced later today. There are only six Houseguests left, and it’s past time to start really making some big moves!

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James and Meg, the last of the Goblins, were sent to Jury on Big Brother Thursday night in the season’s second Double Eviction. This left us with the Austwins, Vanessa, Steve, and Johnny Mac to battle it out for the second Head of Household of the week.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

When the Live Feeds went down late on Thursday night for the second Head of Household Competition of the evening, were were really hoping either Steve or Johnny Mac to take the win. We do try to be mostly unbiased, but it’s hard not to be part of the “anyone but the Austwins” movement.

We may not like Vanessa, but at least she’s in position to possibly win it all through pure, manipulative game play. Not because she got into a showmance, or is the twin sister of someone who got into a showmance. One can argue that Austin has played a smart game, latching on to Liz, and thus also snagging her sister’s vote (at least possibly until now). Honestly though, Austin has been way more of Vanessa’s tool in this game so far than his own. However, we just aren’t that fond of Vanessa’s game play methods either.

So, we really wanted to see either Johnny Mac or Steve take the Head of Household just because it would be the best possible scenario to ensure one of the Austwins going home. Both of them have been working on and off with Vanessa, and Van KNOWS she has to break up the Austwins before the final four. So her best bet is to team up with Steve and Johnny Mac to make that happen.

Luckily, when the Live Feeds came back up last night, we found it that Steve grabbed the win! From all we’ve seen on the Live Feeds, that means he’s definitely going to put up two of the Austwins. The remaining Austwins will be the backdoor option. Vanessa doesn’t have to get her hands dirty, but she gets the Austwins broken up. Just what she wants.

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But which two of the Austwins will go up on the block? Well, Austin managed to get hold of Steve early on after winning HoH and extract a promise from him not to put him up. Well, Steve did sort of promise Austin he would be safe this week after Austin cornered him. Vanessa, however, is the one Steve is really listening to right now.

Vanessa wants Steve to put up Austin and Liz, and Johnny Mac is on board with this as well. But what if Julia wins the Veto and takes down Liz? The twins then might vote to save Austin, keeping the Austwins intact. But wait, Vanessa thinks she can convince Julia NOT to use the Veto if she does win it, leaving the nominations the same. In that case, Austin would probably be a goner. Julia is not really that fond of Austin, and she seems closer to Vanessa than him, so we could actually see that happening — whether Liz likes it or not.

So we expect that Steve will nomination Liz and Austin for eviction later today. While we personally would be pushing to get Liz out because she has the backing of BOTH Julia and Austin, but that would be harder to pull off for exactly that reason. Of course, we have to see what happens at the Power of Veto before we can truly make any real prediction on who will get the boot next.

* The official results of the Nomination Ceremony are in, and Steve did indeed nominate Austin and Liz. There is panic and lots of tears going on, so jump on those Live Feeds and watch now!


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