Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 2 Eviction Nominations Revealed!

Big Brother 15 Cast 2After the CBS Big Brother 15 show ends, the behind-the-scenes action continues on the Big Brother Live Feeds. On Thursday, the Big Brother 2013 cast enjoyed a lazy day and a 4th of July party but on Friday, it was back to the business of the game.After much scheming and plotting, the new Head of Household has announced their eviction nominations for week two. Read on for the Big Brother spoilers for who was put up on the block!

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 15 spoilers on game play decisions and actions not yet shown on the CBS Big Brother show. Please stop reading now if you do not want this information!

Although the Big Brother 15 cast HouseGuests spent much of the 4th of July lounging about and having a bit of fun (even the Have-Nots got to enjoy holiday party food), the next eviction was never far from anyone’s mind. The new Head of Household and their closest alliance buddies were deep in discussion throughout the day about who should be nominated for eviction.

If you’re ready to find out who the HoH finally chose to put up as the first two eviction nominees this week, then just click the plus sign underneath our SPOILER ALERT banner below!

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After Aaryn and Jeremy won the Head of Household Competition this week, Jeremy bowed out and let Aaryn take the HoH power. The two of them, however, have continued to be a team in planning out who should be nominated for eviction this week.

On Thursday, Aaryn and Jeremy went back and forth over who should go up. Both of them pretty much agreed right from the start that Elissa should go up as one of the nominees. Initially it looked like they would go with Helen as the second nominee, although Aaryn kind of talked about going for Candice or Jessie, especially after having a discussion with Helen and thinking she could be an asset now.

Kaitlin and Amanda have both been bad-mouthing Jessie to Aaryn trying to push her as a nominee, and Aaryn just doesn’t like Candice (and we can guess one of the reasons why). But Jeremy was really bent on putting up Helen and Elissa and, honestly, that’s pretty much what Aaryn wanted to do as well regardless of all the other ideas discussed.

In the end, it was pretty much a given that Helen and Elissa would go up on the block and that’s exactly what happened late this afternoon.

Right now, just between Helen and Elissa if they do go up, we’d place our bet on Elissa being the next to go home. But the Power of Veto and the MVP nomination could throw a big wrench into that very easily.


After the Nominations Ceremony today, we’ll have to wait and see who will be named Most Valuable Player for this week and who they will decide to put up as the third eviction nominee. Both of these things will likely be revealed on Saturday. Who do you want to go home next on Big Brother 15?


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