Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Week 10 Double Eviction & HoH Recap

Welcome to another Big Brother Double Eviction night extravaganza! We’ll be racing through a whole week of Big Brother 2014 spoilers, competitions, and drama in just one short evening. Once the first rather predictable live eviction results are over, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Which Detonator will be next? (CBS)
Which Detonator will be next? (CBS)

The Detonators are on the verge of imploding all over each other, and it seems very likely another one of them will be headed out the door this evening. Cody and Derrick have been at odds over the past two days on who should be the main target for eviction if one of them wins Head of Household. Cody wants it to be Frankie, but Derrick is pushing for Christine.

Unless something crazy happens tonight in the Big Brother Double Eviction, it seems inevitable that one of The Detonators will be joining Nicole in walking out the door this evening. While there is an outside possibility that Victoria or Caleb could get the boot, we think it would take a real shakeup for that to happen. Derrick is far too protective of Victoria and everyone seems to think Caleb is the guy they can take to final two and win over.

Join us for our live Big Brother recap of the week 10 Double Eviction results show tonight below and find out with us who will be next to land in the Jury house!

Only seven Houseguests are left and it’s just a few short weeks of an action-packed ride to finale night! It’s Double Eviction night and two more Big Brother 2014 cast members will be going to Jury tonight. Let’s go and find out who it will be!

Big Brother 16 Week 10 Eviction 1

Tonight we’ll have an eviction, an HoH Competition, PoV Competition, PoV Ceremony, another eviction and then another Head of Household Comp. Plus, we have a totally new “game-changing twist” on the way! The “most twisted summer ever” continues. Host Julie Chen also announces that on Sunday, Big Brother legends Jeff and Jordan will return to the house with a big surprise for the Houseguests.

Nicole has been told she is the target and she is going home this week and just a few minutes later, everyone is talking about whether they are going to eat chicken or fish. She’s so pissed that they are so heartless about her. She b*tches to Victoria about the guys and how sad it is that she is more willing to make big moves than “Beast Mode” cowboy. She says he is a wimp for not putting up Frankie instead of her.

Caleb tells Frankie that he considered putting Frankie up on the block as a backdoor. He says ‘The Bomb Squad’ discussed it. (The Bomb Squad isn’t even a real thing anymore, only Caleb thinks it is.) Caleb blames Cody for the idea, however. In Diary Room, Frankie says he would be surprised if the others weren’t talking about it by now, but he doesn’t want them succeeding! Caleb says he totally has Frankie’s back though and Frankie says he is Caleb’s biggest ally in the house.

Big Brother 16 Week 10 Eviction 2

Frankie tells Derrick that he knows the others were talking about backdooring him. Derrick says it was nothing serious and blames it on Caleb. Frankie says it sounds like Derrick had his back and he says yeah. Derrick says he didn’t think Caleb was being serious though. Frankie says he isn’t stupid and he thinks Caleb was serious. Derrick says in Diary Room that he needs to talk Frankie down so he doesn’t end up targeting them. He tries to do so, but Frankie isn’t really buying it.

Derrick says after the backlash over Donny, the last person he is going to send home is Frankie. In Diary Room, however, Frankie is still not believing what Derrick is saying.

Derrick tells Cody about the talk with Frankie. Cody says Caleb is an “a** clown” and an idiot. Derrick says if he wins HoH he is going to put up Christine, and if she comes down, he will put Frankie up.

Big Brother 16 Week 10 Eviction 3

Host Julie Chen tells the Houseguests that tonight is another Double Eviction. And it’s time for Nicole and Victoria to give their speeches.

Nicole gives shoutouts to her family, says some nice things about Victoria, and tells the rest to stop playing Big Baby and play Big Brother and make some big moves. Victoria gives shoutouts to her family, says nice things about Nicole, and says she hopes to stay.

First Live Eviction Vote:

Derrick votes to evict: Nicole
Cody votes to evict: Nicole
Frankie votes to evict: Nicole
Christine votes to evict: Nicole

With a unanimous vote, Nicole has been evicted and will go to Jury.

Nicole says she had a hard time getting her head back in the game. Being out and going back in is just different emotionally. Nicole says she has no idea who is going to be standing at the finale and who is going to be following her out the door. She thinks the first person to turn on the others will be Frankie on Cody, maybe. She thinks they are all going to turn right now. Nicole says things are really good between her and Hayden and they both have agreed they like each other so hopefully…

First Head of Household Competition:

The competition is called “What the Bleep” and the Houseguests have to fill in words in statements said by previously evicted Houseguests this season.

Big Brother 16 Week 10 Eviction 1

In one fell swoop, Derrick wins on the very first round and is the new Head of Household!

Eviction Nominations:

Derrick talks to Victoria and tells her that she has to go up with Christine but she will be safe. She leaves. Christine comes in and they hug and she tells him she loves him. Caleb comes in and Derrick says if Christine wins Veto, Frankie will go up and go home. He says they can’t send Victoria home because it would be a loss for them. (When will they catch on how much he is protecting her for his own game?)

Big Brother 16 Week 10 Eviction 2

Derrick announces the eviction nominees this week will be going with the house and the two people will be Christine and Victoria. If Christine does not win the Veto, she is almost certainly going to be evicted.

Power of Veto Competition:

In the PoV Competition, the Houseguests have to wiggle a ball through a three level maze of circles and wouldn’t you know… the winner is… Frankie. So Frankie will not be backdoored tonight.

Derrick and Frankie talk and it is definitely going to be Christine who is targeted. Julie tells Frankie he only has a minute left and Frankie calls in Caleb. Caleb agrees Christine is going out. Frankie keeps complimenting Julie on what she is wearing and how she looks. Cody is also on board with keeping the nominations the same.

Power of Veto Ceremony:

Time to begin the meeting. Christine says that she was pretty close behind Frankie in the competition. She doesn’t expect him to use the PoV though. Victoria just says she wants to stay and play with everyone but if he doesn’t use it, she understands.

Frankie says he has decided to honor Derrick as the HoH and not use the Power of Veto. Christine and Victoria will remain the nominees.

Big Brother 16 Week 10 Eviction 5

Time for the next Team America vote and this one is even more stupid than the last one. We’re not even going to bother voting because neither one is good and they have nothing to do with the damn game.

Big Brother 16 Week 10 Eviction 4

Time for the next live eviction vote. Christine is about to get blown right out the door by her own allies.

Christine calls out to her husband that he is hot and she loves and misses him. She says she is a superfan and she would like to stay in the house play some more. Victoria says she would love to stay as well and no hard feelings.

Second Live Eviction Vote:

Caleb votes to evict: Christine
Frankie votes to evict: Christine
Cody votes to evict: Christine

Christine has been evicted with a unanimous vote. She stomps out of the house without hugging anyone or saying anything. As she comes out the door, she gets loud boos and catcalls from the audience. The other Houseguests hear it and say the audience “crushed” her and they guess they must have made the right choice. They all flatter Victoria the princess and tell her she was the right girl to keep.

Christine tells Julie Chen she was surprised but also expecting it for a while now. She got involved with the guys and Nicole and it got messy. Christine says she regrets not sticking with Hayden and Nicole but she has no idea how that might have worked out either. Christine says she thinks they know they can beat Victoria in the finale and she isn’t likely to win competitions. Christine says her and Cody became “great friends” and she understands not getting a sympathy vote from him because of game play.

Julie Chen announces the new twist is called the #BBRewind and that if it is pressed, then next week’s live vote will stop and the two nominees will come off the block and it will all start over again. So one of the nominees could very well end up as the new Head of Household.

Speaking of Head of Household Competitions, we’ll have to wait and see the results of the second one tonight on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

BIG SCHEDULE CHANGE: Thanks to NFL, the Power of Veto shows will now be on Tuesday at 8 ET and the live eviction shows will move to Wednesdays at 8PM ET.

Inside the house, we get a glimpse of the remaining six Houseguests talking about the giant gold button now available for them to press. If anyone presses it, it will reset next week’s live eviction – but they won’t know that. They have no idea what it will do. We can’t wait to see who pushes the button because you KNOW it is going to happen.

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