Big Brother 23 Episode 8 Recap: Week 3 Block Nominees

During last week’s live eviction,  Frenchie made a quick exit from the Big Brother 23 house. His chaotic reign as Head of Household (HOH) in week one caught up with him. His fellow Joker teammate, Britini D’Angelo was on the block with him and is safe, at least for now.

Big Brother 23 Xavier Prather

The latest HOH was crowned, Xavier Prather, and he is the third HOH of the Big Brother 23 season. The Wildcard competition is in play tonight, and we will find out what reward will be offered to the winning houseguest. Also tonight, Xavier will nominate 2 fellow houseguests to the block for eviction this week. Let’s go!

Week Three Head of Household Implications

With Xavier’s HOH win, his fellow teammates on the King’s are also safe in the Big Brother 23 house. That includes Christian Birkenberger, Alyssa Lopez, and Sarah Beth Steagall. Xavier is also working with the Queens. They made a pact between the two teams last week before the eviction, and that included an “Ace” up their sleeves, Derek Xiao. They have named their new alliance the Royal Flush and includes the Queens, Kings, and one Ace, Derek X.

Xavier is also a member of the Cookout alliance making his choice for nominations this week quite minimal. His only options for the block nominees this week are Whitney Williams, Brent Champagne, and Britini.

Ruffling Big Brother 23 Feathers

Brent is starting to wear out his welcome in the Big Brother 23 house. Many of the houseguests feel as though he is too in love with himself and egotistical to stay in the game. The girls especially are very much over Brent and his playboy-type antics. Considering Xavier’s limited block options this week, Brent just may be in trouble.

Big Brother 23 Brent Champagne

Week Three Big Brother 23 Wildcard Competition

This week, Tiffany is playing for the Queens, Britini is playing for the Jokers, and Derek X. is playing for the Aces. Derek X. is going to make sure he plays to ensure his teammate Brent can’t win safety this week. In a conversation with Tiffany, Derek X. wants to throw her the competition win. They need to keep Britini from winning so she is still a block option.

This competition is called Unlucky 13. The houseguests must place oversized playing cards from their decks onto the cardholders that can be accessed after crossing a wobbly balance beam. They may place cards in their own cardholders or in their opponents. Once a player’s 4 cards total 13, they are eliminated from the competition. The last player standing wins.

This Big Brother 23 competition is going to be a little tricky to throw to one person as Derek X. plans for Tiffany. This should be interesting. Derek X. realizes the challenge in front of him, but he is optimistic.

Big Brother 23 Britini Wildcard

Mission accomplished, and Tiffany won the Wildcard competition. Her reward for winning is that if she wants safety for the week, a random draw will determine additional safety for a member of the Aces and Jokers. That could potentially put Xavier in a horrible position nominating his own alliance members to the Big Brother 23 block. Tiffany declines to accept safety this week.

Week Three Block Nominations Conundrum

Prior to the Big Brother 23 nomination ceremony, Britini breaks down because she doesn’t understand why Derek X. and Tiffany were gunning for her in the Wildcard competition. She could easily see that they did not want her to win. Britini is very emotional as Azah Awasum consoles her.

Soon thereafter, Azah had a private conversation with Xavier before the nominations. He told her his plan of nominating Britini as a pawn. She was so upset about this, she demanded that he put her on the block instead of Britini. Xavier is beside himself with this scenario. Azah wants Brent and Whitney on the block, but Xavier said that would blow up his game putting them on the block together.

Big Brother 23 Britini and Azah

Xavier approached Brent about going on the block as a pawn. Xavier is definitely targeting Brent for eviction this week, but he has to keep Brent calm this week. Brent told Xavier that he could absolutely not be a pawn. He is too much of a Big Brother threat to be a pawn. Oh, Brent, you still have fo much to learn about playing this game.

Big Brother 23 Week Three Block Nominees

When all was said and done, Xavier nominated Britini and Brent to the Big Brother 23 block for eviction this week. Britini started shedding tears as soon as her name was called. Xavier did not explain who he wants to target this week.

Join us again Wednesday, July 28 at 8/7c for the Power of Veto (POV) competition.

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