Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 3 Power of Veto Competition Results (07/24/21)

The Big Brother 23 Power of Veto Competition played out today. Yesterday the week three Big Brother 2021 nominations resulted in Britini D’Angelo and Brent Champagne on the block. Head of Household Xavier Prather nominated Britini as a pawn and Brent as the target. However, Xavier wanted Brent to believe that Britini was the target. This would create a false sense of security going into this week’s Big Brother 23 Power of Veto Competition.

Of course, Brent isn’t that naive. He knew he was the target the moment he went on the block. What Brent doesn’t know is that everyone else knows he’s the target and wants him out this week. His own Big Brother 23 team, The Aces, has been plotting and planning his demise. Brent is really on an island on his own, but it may be a while before he realizes it.

Earlier today, the Big Brother 23 Power of Veto players were picked. They were Derek Fraiser, Christian Birkenberger, and Whitney Williams. Being picked for Veto is good and bad for Whitney. She is the secondary target if Brent wins the Veto, so playing in the Veto at least gives her a chance to prevent herself from seeing the block this week. On the other hand, if she wins Veto, Brent will expect her to use it and save him. This won’t happen. Her winning the Veto and not using it on him exposes to Brent that he is in fact the house’s target this week.

This isn’t too big of a deal because there is no pre-jury battle back this year. That means pissing off Brent has little to no consequences for the remaining Big Brother 23 players. It only becomes an issue if he manages to save himself from eviction, and that would take a miracle if he doesn’t win the Big Brother 23 Power of Veto. 

Derek F may also be in a bit of a pickle himself if he wins the Veto. His Jokers team members Azah Awasum and Britini would expect him to use the Veto on Britini and save her. This wouldn’t be the best move for Derek F’s game. 

So who won this week’s Big Brother 23 Power of Veto Competition? Read below to find out!



Christian won the Power of Veto!

This means that nominations will likely stay the same and Brent remains the target.

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