Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 3 Head Of Household Results (07/22/21)

Though Brandon “Frenchie” French has been a main topic of conversation for these last two Big Brother 23 weeks, he’s not the only target. Brent Champagne as a nice big target painted on his back. The best thing about it is that he doesn’t realize that it is there. Most of the remaining Big Brother 2021 players, especially the women, will target Brent if they win the Head of Household. 

A few people may put their target elsewhere but Brent, you’re in danger. His fellow Ace teammates, Whitney Williams, Hannah Chaddha, and Derek Xiao have even discussed throwing the Head of Household competition to ensure that Brent is not safe this week. This Big Brother 2021 week could very much be Brent vs. the house.

If Brent goes out next, this would be the third man to leave the house in a row. This may make some of the male players a little worried, which is kind of why Brent has become such a juicy target. He’s made it no secret that he wants one of the women out the Big Brother 23 house next. This isn’t a group of women to mess with, so Brent may have said too much this week. Whitney has also been mentioned as a topic of discussion this week. She could very likely go as well, especially if Brent wins the Veto. 

Brent may need the Big Brother Head of Household win the most. We could see Brent pull an upset and take the HOH crown or we’ll see who wins and whether they make a move against Brent.

Read below to find out who won the Big Brother 23 week two Head of Household Competition



Xavier Prather Big Brother

Xavier won the Head of Household!

Can’t say I completely know what Xavier will do as Head of Household. It’ll be interesting to see how he navigates this week without too much blood on his hands.


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