Big Brother 18 Schedule: Premiere, Feeds & Big Brother After Dark

It’s finally that time of year again!  The Big Brother 18 premiere is quickly approaching.  CBS has confirmed the official start date of June 22 for Big Brother 2016, with a 2-hour episode starting at 8pm ET/PT.  Some are predicting we will meet all of the houseguests on the first night instead of a split over two nights like we have had in the past few years.

Considering the Big Brother schedule for the season with an episode every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday; there will be a second episode the day after the premiere (before the Big Brother Live Feeds are turned on).  Speculation says there may be a twist to be hinted at or even revealed or possibly more house guests.

Future episodes of Big Brother 18 will be on Wednesday (at 9:00pm EST), Thursday (at 9:00pm EST) and Sunday (at 8:00pm EST).  While we should always “expect the unexpected”, traditionally, Thursday is eviction night and the new Head of Household challenge.  It is not always finished during the episode, but will be shown on Sunday, if not.  Then on Sunday, the original nominations for eviction are made by the Head of Household, although this could potentially change since there will be a new competition airing on Sunday nights to replace Battle of the Block.

Things get even more interesting come Wednesday when the Veto competition is played.  Both people on the block, plus the Head of Household get to play.  Three additional names are drawn from a bag.  At the end of the episode, the winner of the Veto competition can choose to use it to remove one of the players from the elimination block; thereby, forcing the Head of Household to choose someone else to be nominated for eviction.

Power of Veto

On Thursday, prior to the new Head of Household competition, all of the house guests (except the Head of Household and the two on the chopping block) go to the Diary Room and cast their votes.  The player with the most votes is immediately evicted from the Big Brother house.

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