Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Overnight Live Feeds Report – 8/21/2014

From the Big Brother spoilers we saw coming off the Live Feeds overnight, it looks like poor Donny just can’t catch a break. He knows his goose is probably cooked next week if he can’t somehow manage to either win HoH or Veto. And no matter how hard he tries to convince any of the other Houseguests to team up with him, it’s just not working.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

We’ll kick off our overnight report a little early on Wednesday afternoon with Donny desperately trying to campaign for himself before this week’s eviction is even over. Although, of course, everyone knows Zach is going to be evicted and there is nothing he can do to change that. Donny knows he’s pretty much the next target to get out after Zach, but he’s having no luck in making any allies in the house to help save his butt.

3:00 PM – Christine and Cody cuddle (even after being dissed by Zingbot for it) and smack talk about Donny. The country beard boy has been trying to drive a wedge into The Detonators alliance and get at least a few of the Houseguests on his side for next week. It isn’t working at all.

Cody says that Donny thinks Derrick is controlling the house. Donny told Christine that Derrick and Cody conspire together every night. Derrick, now awake, says that he is putting Donny up no matter what if he wins HoH. Cody says that Donny is talking about how Derrick, Frankie, and Christine are in control and they have to be split up. He also said that those three won’t take Cody over Victoria to the final four.

Derrick says they all need to just tell Donny they want him out, period, so he will stop trying to push them. Derrick says Donny is telling everyone that he has a deal with everyone in the house. (He does.)

3:30 PM – Caleb, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, and Christine talk about Donny. Cody says Donny is trying to campaign for him to be the next target. He says Donny has been saying that Derrick has Victoria, Frankie has Caleb, and Derrick and Christine have been playing Cody. Cody wants to call Donny out for all the stuff he has been saying. Donny comes in and everyone scrambles to pretend like they weren’t just talking sh*t about him.

3:50 PM – Christine, Frankie, and Derrick think it is highly unlikely Donny could win America’s Player. (Little do y’all know, he leads for that in a LOT of polls.) They mock Donny and Derrick calls him f**king nuts. They all want to backdoor him next week. Derrick says if Donny got to play Power of Veto and won, they would have to send Victoria home. Frankie says he thinks Donny and Zach have been working together and Christine agrees. (Nope, not so much y’all.)

4:05 PM – Derrick notes that it sounds like production is building a big set outside. We are really hoping it will finally be a fabulous endurance competition on Thursday night.

4:15 PM – Derrick thinks Donny is the most manipulative person in the house. (What? Pot calling kettle here…) Derrick, Caleb, Cody, Christine, and Frankie all do a lot of b**tching about Donny.

4:50 PM – Derrick tells Frankie that Donny is trying to play both of them to turn on each other.

5:30 PM – Derrick asks Frankie if he has Christine in his pocket and he lies and says no. Derrick lies and says he doesn’t have Victoria in his pocket and that she will flip on him if she gets the chance to. On the HoH camera, they can see that Donny and Caleb have written “Bye Frankie” with the Jenga game pieces. Derrick thinks if he ended up on the block against Frankie that Caleb would vote for Frankie to stay over him.

Derrick and Frankie want to make sure Donny doesn’t put up either of them if he wins Head of Household by making him feel obligated to keep Team America safe. They talk about how they hope CBS will not show them going after Donny, but rather Donny coming after them. Derrick is still pissed about Donny refusing to do one of the Team America missions and them losing out on the money.

6:05 PM – Donny, Victoria, and Hayden chat randomly. Frankie comes in. Victoria teases that Frankie gave Hayden an erection and he missed his chance to get laid.

6:25 PM – Cody is pissed that Donny is campaigning against him to try to get people to vote him out. (WTF? That’s Donny’s job to play the game to get someone out besides himself or someone that might vote for him.) Cody wants to call Donny out on all the stuff he’s been saying.

6:35 PM – Caleb tells Zach that he’s jealous he gets to go to Jury because he might get to call home and he just gets to chill. He says if there is a buyback, Zach can come back rested and ready to fight again. They still think that the finale is on September 17. They haven’t been told it has been moved to add another week in the house. Zach says he may go out with a Zach Attack cursing everyone. But then he says he won’t and he doesn’t have any big plans for the eviction.

7:00 PM – Zach packs his stuff.

7:10 PM – Massive cuddle fest in the Head of Household bed with Derrick, Frankie, Christine, Cody, Caleb… Frankie is b*tching that people shouldn’t get to come back in the house after being in Jury and getting to talk to each other for weeks. He thinks it is an unfair advantage. (Except that anyone who comes back is immediately the primary target for everyone else to get out again!)

7:30 PM – Victoria is concerned that Donny will come after her if he wins Head of Household. She’s also worried about how she is being seen by the viewers. She tells Cody that she and Derrick haven’t really talked for three days. She says she is getting paranoid with Derrick not speaking to her. Cody says it is not cool that Derrick is not talking to her.

7:40 PM – Derrick and Christine think there is something really big being built outside for the next Head of Household Competition. They diss, insult, and mock Donny. They also mock Victoria for not even being enough of a player to be a floater.

7:50 PM – Christine hints that production has been rigging comps so that Donny can win.

7:55 PM – Christine thinks it is funny that Donny might think he can win America’s Favorite. She, Derrick, and Frankie talk about how bad Victoria is at comps.

7:57 PM – Caleb planks on the planks of the floor listening to Donny and Zach talk.

8:15 PM – Zach reveals to Donny that he never actually had a Skittle in the Skittle draw for nominations this week and that everyone lied to him about that. Donny said he thought so. Zach says they wanted him to go up with Donny for nominations and throw the Battle of the Block. Donny says he would never do that, even to his worst enemy.

8:20 PM – Caleb tells Cody and Frankie what he overheard of Donny and Zach talking. He says they were talking about the Skittles and how everyone is ignoring them. Cody says it is crap that they are saying they are being ignored. (Except they totally are.)

8:35 PM – Caleb tells Derrick and Christine about what he overheard from Zach and Donny. They all mock Donny for playing a crappy game compared to them.

10:0o PM – Random talk about selling stuff on eBay after the show for money. Zach pretends he is going to grab stuff from the house to take with him. Talk goes on for a while and gets a bit gross talking about some nasty movies.

10:50 PM – Zach discovers he has Spencer’s old mic set and that leads to everyone trying to figure out whose old mic set they have. Frankie has one used by both McCrae and Janelle. Victoria has one used by Ian and Kaithlin. Caleb has Any’s mic. Cody has David’s. Christine is not so happy that she got Candice’s old mic because she was awful. Derrick got Howard’s old mic.

11:15 PM – Caleb says he would pass out if Justin Bieber kissed him on the cheek. Frankie talks about his famous sister and doing famous things and jaunting off to Africa to do his charity work, yada, yada, yada.

11:42 PM – Caleb and Zach show off their ‘ninja’ moves.

12:00 AM – Caleb scares Victoria in the Fire Bedroom with his ninja moves.

12:20 AM – Zach says he can’t wait to get out of the house and hear people screaming for him, sleep in a hotel room, make phone calls and stuff. He’s ready to get the f**k out of there and be over all the stress.

12:30 AM – Derrick and Frankie talk about evicting Donny after the last Team America mission next week. They hope they can end up with 25k each from the missions.

12:45 AM – More Donny bashing. Victoria says no one wants him at the wrap party.

1:05 AM – Cody tells Victoria some of what Zach and Donny were talking about when he was listening in on them.

1:20 AM – Smack talks about Jocasta and Brittany. Christine and Caleb really didn’t like when she would speak in tongues. Derrick says Jocasta told him to let Frankie win.

2:20 AM – Derrick finally sits down for a real conversation with Victoria. She’s not happy with him and says she is jealous he has been hanging out so much with Christine. Derrick says he doesn’t get jealous when she hangs out with Cody. He tells her she has to win the HoH for him because she owes him. She wants him to pay more attention to her. Derrick says he will and he didn’t notice he was ignoring her.

Meanwhile, Zach and Frankie do a tiny bit of cuddling, which makes us happy.

3:00 AM – Frankie and Caleb go up to the HoH bed and talk about final four. Frankie says Cody needs to start winning stuff. Caleb says Cody is hot but not that smart.

Meanwhile, Christine, Cody, and Derrick talk about random stuff like flying with knives. Christine disses Jocasta and Amber, saying Amber wasn’t pretty. Cody says the hottest girl this season is Christine… and Victoria. Ha ha.

3:45 AM – Random talk with Victoria, Cody, Derrick, and Christine. Cody doesn’t think the women this season were very hot.

4:15 AM – Zach sings and dances in the bathroom before going to bed. He talks to the cameras from bed and says it is his last night sleeping in the house. He says he might not be walking out with the cash but he will still be leaving as a winner.

More coming soon in next Big Brother Live Feeds overnight report!

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