Big Brother 18 Cast Advice From Winner Steve Moses

Big Brother 18 cast members, and future hopeful Houseguests, should listen up to some great advice being dished out by season 17 winner Steve Moses. The unlikely ‘hero’ of last season, Moses has a lot to say about how to play the game to get to the finale, especially when it comes to make decisions based on your ‘heart’ versus your ‘head’.

Big Brother winner Steve Moses (CBS)

In an exclusive interview with our friends at, Steve Moses urges the new Big Brother 18 cast to “take every last drop out of the experience, and enjoy each individual part as much as you can.” However, he cautions those hoping for fame and fortune from their time on Big Brother not to burn any bridges back home before they step into the house.

“You need to be ready to come back to the same life you’re leaving,” Moses says. “Stay on good terms with your employer or university; you’ll need them again in a few months… It’s all very fleeting, so it is essential that you get each last drop of enjoyment you can out of the experience. It will be over before you know it.”

One of the most important bits of advice Moses has for current and future Houseguests is to “never make a game decision based on your personal feelings.” Instead, he says players have to focus solely on what moves are going to give them the “best odds of going furthest” in the game. He also urges Houseguests to approach Big Brother in a way that plays on their strengths, and avoids their weaknesses.


“For example, I was an engineering student, and I was comfortable with logic and probability,” Moses tells BBN. So he worked hard at making strategic decisions and winning intellectual challenges. However, he is “bad at holding small talk, and I’m not very charismatic in a dialogue,” so he wasn’t going to do well if he tried to manipulate and persuade people in the game directly. “Think about what you do in your life,” he says, “and what skills it would translate to in the game.”

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