Big Brother Live Feeds: How Do You Watch In Canada?

Wondering how to get the Big Brother Live Feeds in Canada for BB18? Well, we have bad news for fans wanting to know how to watch Big Brother 18 in Canada.


The bad news is that currently CBS is not officially offering Canadian residents, ex-pats or Americans living in Canada viewership of the 2016 Big Brother Live Feeds for the U.S. version of the show. Being without the live feeds for Big Brother 18 sucks, we know!

Because the Live Feeds are now bundled up with the CBS All Access Pass, which is not available in Canada, viewers up north can’t sign up for the subscription. We think that is a shame. Big Brother USA and Big Brother Canada need to work out some kind of deal where everyone can watch either one when they want!

Whatever the reason they won’t, thousands of Big Brother USA lovers in Canada are feeling rather annoyed right now.

Please be aware that signing up for the Big Brother Live Feeds with the intention of watching outside of the United States through a VPN network or some other workaround is a risky thing that may or may not work for you.

In addition, it’s actually not legal to do so. Plus, a lot of the places claiming they will give you access to the Live Feeds online are scammy, full of malware and viruses, and just not anywhere you want to go to. So beware if you decide you need to try to circumvent the U.S. only subscription, it is likely to be far more trouble than it’s worth, and could end up nuking your computer with some nasty malware that eats your hard drive.

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