Big Brother 23 Episode 37 Recap: Grand Finale Night!

Well, here we are Big Brother fans…at the season 23 finale night. This season has been filled with it’s share of highs and lows, and historical accomplishments. Tonight, all of their joy and pain will come to an end as the Big Brother jury votes for the winner of an astonishing $750,000 prize. Either Xavier Prather, Azah Asasum, or Derek Frazier will be walking away with the largest award in Big Brother history tonight.

The final three went head-to-head in part one of the final Head of Household competition, and Xavier proved to be victorious. Derek and Azah will face off in part two this evening which will lead up to the winner facing Xavier in the final round. Who will win the final HOH and who will win the votes of their evicted houseguests to claim the Big Brother Season 23 title and the $750,000 prize? Let’s find out now.

Part Two of the Final Head of Household Competition

This competition is called Four A Kind and Azah and Big D will play against one another in this competition. The houseguests will be asked a specific question about the season and the answer will always be four different houseguests. They must align their slot machine with the four houseguests that make up the correct answer. The houseguest that answers the three questions the fastest wins the competition.

Azah is up first and starts with her first question. The slot machine is life-size, and each reel seems pretty hard to physically move. Once Azah is done with her turn, Big D is up next. He is really struggling with scraping his knees on the slot wheels.

Now time to check and see which houseguest finished in the fastest time, and who will face off against Xavier in the final round. Azah finished in just 13 minutes and 19 seconds. Derek finished in 20 minutes and 22 seconds. Azah will compete in round three of the HOH competition against Xavier.

Big D Gets A Really Big Head

Azah and Xavier will be going up against one another in the final HOH round. Now, both Azah and Xavier need to decide who they want to sit next to if they win the final HOH. Because of the way Big D is acting towards Azah, she wants to take Xavier with her if she wins the final HOH.

Big D has done nothing but degrade Azah and told her that she is only where she is in the game because of him and his gameplay. Now Big D is telling Azah he should have kept Kyland in the game and evicted her last week.

Big Brother 23 Jury Roundtable

As with every season, the jury members get together to welcome the last member of the jury, Kyland and talk about the season.

Kyland entered the jury house and explained that Big D was the houseguest that voted him out. Now the jury turned to dissect which of the remaining three played the best game this season. Many of the houseguests agreed that Xavier was a competition beast, but he never seemed to know what was going on inside the Big Brother house at any given time.

Many of the houseguests were impressed with Azah’s honesty and loyalty throughout the game. They did want to see her make a big move, which they don’t think she has done to date.

Big D was commended for his ability to keep secrets. Most of the jury thought he was carried throughout most of the Big Brother game. They also noted he was unable to win any competitions and that wasn’t by his choice meaning he didn’t purposely throw the competitions. That was because he was not physically or mentally able to win those competitions.

Part Three Of The Final Head of Household Competition

Xavier and Azah will now go head to head in the last part of the Head of Household competition. This competition is called Houseguest Headliners. They will be shown short BB Beach Club promotional videos of the jury members. Each video will feature a specific member of the jury, and each video will make 3 statements about that specific jury member.

The houseguests must choose which statement is false. For each correct answer, they will each receive one point. The houseguest with the most points after 8 rounds will win the final HOH competition.

In the first video, Britini D’Angelo is the star. Xavier got one point in that round and Azah received none. In round two, both Azah and Xavier got the answer correct. In video number three, both got the answer right. The score is 3-2 in favor of Xavier.

After the fourth question, the score retains the same one-point advantage to Xavier. In round five, both answered the same and were correct. The score is 5-4. Again they both got the answer correct in rounds 6 and 7. In the final round, Xavier wrapped up the win and won the final HOH competition. Who will he evict and who will Xavier take to the final two?

Final Live Eviction Vote

As promised, Xavier is taking Big D to the final two with him. Xavier decided to evict Azah. During her eviction interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, she said she knew the question she missed and her nerves got to her. She said she didn’t regret anything during her time in the Big Brother 23 house.

She admitted that she would have taken Xavier to the final two with her. She felt like Xavier deserved it more than Big D, especially when this will be the first African American winner of Big Brother. She said she was very proud of the Cookout alliance and what they accomplished this season. Azah is officially juror number 9.

Jury Number 9 Is Introduced To The Jury

Azah was introduced to the jury. Most of them were hoping for Big D to be the final evicted houseguest of the summer.

The final nine members of the jury are Azah Asasum, Alyssa Lopez, Britini D’Angelo, Claire Rehfuss, Derek Xiao, Hannah Chaddha, Kyland Young, Sarah Beth Steagall, and Tiffany Mitchell.

The jury members now have the opportunity to ask Xavier and Big D questions that they may have before voting for the winner of $750,000.

During the questions and answers, Big D was his normal self taking credit for everything that happened in the game including the evictions and the creation of the Cookout. Xavier was modest and answered his questions honestly.

Voting Time For Big Brother 23 And $750,000

All of the 9 jury members went up individually to cast their vote for the winner of Big Brother 23.

5 votes are needed to win. Here are the votes for the winner:

Britini voted for Xavier
Derek X voted for Xavier
SB voted for Xavier
Claire voted for Xavier
Alyssa voted for Xavier
Azah voted for Xavier
Hannah voted for Xavier
Kyland voted for Xavier
Tiffany voted for Xavier

By a unanimous vote of 9-0, Xavier won Big Brother 23.

Winner of America’s Favorite Houseguest

The final two top vote-getters for America’s Favorite Houseguest were Derek X and Tiffany. Julie shared that this was an incredibly close vote. In the end, Tiffany Mitchell won America’s Favorite Houseguest.

This wraps up this season of Big Brother 23. It has been my pleasure to bring you recaps of all the episodes this season and my analysis of the alliances, including the history-making Cookout alliance.

Join us again this February for Celebrity Big Brother. Can’t wait to see you then.

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