Who Will Win Big Brother 23?

Tonight is the Big Brother 2 finale. After 80+ long days, a Big Brother 23 winner will finally be crowned. Either Derek Frazier, Azah Awasum, or Xavier Prather will not only take home the title of Big Brother 23 winner but the title of the first Black winner in US civilian Big Brother. Tonight will be a historical night for the CBS hit series. 

Big Brother 23 Final 3: Derek Frazier, Azah Awasum, and Xavier Prather

It’s been a long journey for the houseguests, as they have had to maneuver their way to the finale, betray close allies, dodge twists, and do whatever it took to win Big Brother 23. The last few days in the Big Brother 23 house have been surprisingly eventful as Azah had to decide whether to take her former-Big Brother bestie to the final two, if she wins part 3 of the final Head of Household, or choose to take a player who could very likely beat her in the end. 

Now that the Big Brother 23 finale is only a few hours away, let’s look at all possible scenarios and who will likely win the game in these outcomes. Let’s start with the most likely scenario: Xavier wins part 3 of the final HOH and takes Derek F.

If Xavier wins the final HOH and takes Derek F, then he likely wins by a unanimous vote or maybe one or two votes for Derek F. I can see Kyland Young, still being a little bitter for his blindside exit and giving Derek F his vote. Britini D’Angelo also may give Derek F her vote as a fellow Joker. The majority of the remaining jury members would likely give their votes to Xavier, especially because they’ve considered him the best player in the game for a while now.

 The second likely outcome is that Azah wins the final HOH and takes Xavier. This was a scenario that may not have existed a few weeks ago, but Derek F has dug himself a hole that may cost him $75,000. 

In this outcome, I still think Xavier wins, but maybe the jury will give Azah some credit for winning the final HOH. However, this seems like a Derrick Levasseur versus Cody Calafiore situation, in terms of the better player being taken to the end instead of the layout player. I think Xavier either gets a unanimous win or at least the majority, once again Britini may give Azah her vote, but I don’t see the rest of the jurors doing the same. 

Big Brother 23 Final 3 Derek Frazier, Azah Awasum, and Xavier Prather

The third possible scenario is Azah wins the final HOH and takes Derek F. This would be one of the most interesting scenarios, but I think ultimately Azah takes the win in this case. First, because she won the final HOH and took out the huge player that is Xavier. I think Azah would have Derek Xiao, Alyssa Lopez, Tiffany Mitchell, Hannah Chaddha, Claire Rehfuss, and Britini’s votes for sure. She would also likely have Xavier’s vote because he would respect the move, or he could go opposite and be bitter she didn’t take him. He was also always more loyal to Derek F, so he could very likely give him his vote in the end. However, Xavier’s vote wouldn’t matter because I think Azah wins the majority of the votes in this scenario.

The final and least likely scenario is that Xavier wins the final HOH and takes Azah. I think this is least likely to happen because Xavier has been playing up that his true final two is Derek F. If he goes back on that deal now, it makes him look less honest. This also makes him lose not only Derek F’s vote but likely Kyland’s vote as well, if he ever had it.

However, I still think he gets the majority of the votes in this scenario. 

I think Xavier wins Big Brother 23 in every scenario that he makes it to the end. This means Xavier is heavily favored to win the entire season. Now, we’ve seen unexpected outcomes in the past, but I think if you’re placing bets on who will win Big Brother 23, put the majority on Xavier. Then put a few on Azah and none on Derek F or very little on him winning the season. 

So who do you think will win Big Brother 23?

Join us tonight for the Big Brother 23 finale recap at 9:00 pm EST to see who is crowned the winner.

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