Big Brother 23 Episode 36 Recap: Round 1 Final HOH

After 82 days inside the Big Brother 23 house, we are down to the final three fighting in the last Head of Household competition. This final HOH competition is a three round competition where the first round winner plays the winner of round two in the third and final round. Our Big Brother 23 final three competitors are Xavier Prather, Azah Asasum, and Derek Frazier.

Tonight, we will watch as all three compete in an endurance competition. If the past dictates the outcome tonight, Azah and especially Derek are in trouble. However, Azah and Big D will have another chance to redeem themselves in round two. That will be a tall task as Xavier has 5 wins under his belt this season. Azah has a single victory, and Derek has none. Let’s watch and see if miracles can happen.

This episode kicks off with a recap of each of the houseguests’ journeys through the Big Brother 23 house. There are no surprises here, just a review of the performance of each of the final three houseguests. Xavier talked about hiding his identity as a lawyer, Azah talked about her loyalty to the Jokers and the Cookout and why she kept a low profile, and Big D talked about his powerhouse game behind the scenes (sans any competition wins).

Big Brother 23 Final HOH Competition – Part One

This competition is called Bouncy Boat Bash. The houseguests were placed on a jet ski type apparatus. They must hold on as they are swung up and down and from side to side. The last houseguest to hold on will win part one of the final HOH competition and immediately advance to part three.

As the houseguests are moved around on their boats, they are doused with water, which is very cold according to Big D. Next, sharks are fling at their boats. This is a riot. This is Sharknado all over again.

After 19 minutes, Big D fell to the ground, or fell into the ocean shall we say. Xavier and Azah still look solid as they hang onto their boats.

After just 6 minutes, Azah tried to adjust herself and slipped off her boat. Xavier has officially won part one.

Now, Azah and Big D will go head to head against one another in part two of the final HOH competition. This along with the final part of the HOH competition will be shown during the 2 hour season finale of Big Brother 23.

Join us on Wednesday, September 29 at 9/8 c for the season finale of Big Brother 23. Also, don’t forget to cast your vote for America’s Favorite Player by texting the houseguest’s first name to 97979.

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