Big Brother 20 Episode 31 Recap: Critical POV for Scottie & Haleigh

Tonight’s episode couldn’t be more important to the games of Scottie Salton and Haleigh Broucher as both sit on the block for eviction this week in the Big Brother 20 house.  They are both in this position thanks to Head of Household Tyler Crispen who nominated them for eviction earlier in the week.  This is Scottie’s second time around as he just won his place back into the Big Brother house with the Battle Back competition, and Haleigh is coming off of being in the block last week with her showmance partner and recent evictee Fayshal Shafaat.

Big Brother 20 Scottie Salton Haleigh Broucher

Scottie and Haleigh have the opportunity to save their game tonight by winning the coveted, golden Power of Veto.  Otherwise, we can guarantee that one of the two Hive alliance members will be heading to the jury house, one for the first time and the other with a rather quick roundtrip ticket.  Due to the dominance of the alliance Level 6 in the Big Brother house, winning the POV is their best chance at saving their game, at least for now.

Block Nomination Aftermath

Tyler is feeling very threatened by Haleigh at his point in the game.  There is no secret that Haleigh nominated Tyler to the block for eviction as the B B Hacker a few weeks back.  Her attempt to evict Tyler was obviously unsuccessful, but nonetheless, Tyler is weary of her intentions.  Although Tyler desperately wants to evict Haleigh this week, the house majority wants to target Scottie instead.  They feel he is a bigger threat right now with battling his way back into the house.  Keep in mind, Scottie was unanimously evicted from the Big Brother house just 2 weeks ago.

Power of Veto Player Picks

As we know, only 6 players can compete in the Power of Veto competition, and there are currently 8 houseguests remaining with the capability to participate in the competition.  As always, the HOH and the 2 block nominees will automatically compete while the remaining 3 players will be randomly drawn.  With just 2 houseguests sitting out of the comp, this is a clear sign that we are getting closer to the end of summer and Big Brother 20.  The remaining players were chosen as Kaycee Clark, Sam Bledsoe, and JC Moundiux to compete in this week’s POV competition.

Power of Veto Competition

Week 10’s Power of Veto competition is called Control Your Emoji.  The players must take their emoji’s, AKA plastic bouncy balls in various sizes, from one side of their see-saw to the other.  However, if an emoji falls off the see-saw or the player steps off the see-saw, they must start over.  The first player to successfully transfer all of their emoji’s from one end of the see-saw to the other and ring their buzzer first wins the golden POV.

Big Brother 20 POV

This is a very tough competition and requires a lot of grace and balance.  All of the players have to reset their game and start over.  JC and Tyler have done well finally and Kaycee is right behind them in the competition.  Tyler screwed up and had to restart the competition.  JC took the lead and it’s about time he did well in a Big Brother competition.  Haleigh misstepped and lost her balance, she had to start over while Kaycee placed her last emoji and won the POV.

Power of Veto Nominations

Haleigh and Scottie have both been lead to believe that they are pawns this week while the other block member is truly the target.  Tyler wants Haleigh evicted for revenge purposes, but he doesn’t have much say this week in the vote as he doesn’t get to vote in the eviction.  Unfortunately, Scottie and Haleigh compared notes and realized Tyler has told both of them that they were just a pawn this week.  Can we say BUSTED?  Haleigh emotionally broke on the news assuming she was the true target this week.  Kaycee did her best to comfort her and insure Haleigh that she was safe this week.

Big Brother 20 Haleigh and Scottie

At the nomination ceremony, Kaycee decided NOT to use the Power of Veto.  So, Haleigh or Scottie will be evicted this week.  Level 6 wants Scottie evicted while Tyler still wants Haleigh to go.  Both will be fighting hard to stay in the Big Brother game.

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Big Brother 20

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