Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: Who Will Win the Power of the Publicist [POLL]?

CBS loves throwing twist during a regular season of Big Brother, so why would Celebrity Big Brother be any different? During Monday night’s Live vote and eviction episode, host Julie Chen-Moonves announced the latest twist: One houseguest will get the power of safety. It’s good for two weeks.

This new twist/power is called “The Power of the Publicist.” It allows a houseguest, chosen by fans, to remove him or herself from the block at one of the next two nominations or veto ceremonies. The power officially expires on Monday, February 4, 2019, which is going to be Power of Veto ceremony. This news also reveals that one eviction is probably on Saturday, and the next one is likely that Monday or Thursday.

In order to cast a vote, fans must go on Twitter and use the hashtag of the player they want to give this power:


Voting ends later today at 9:00am PT.

Because this vote is done via Twitter, it’s easy to see who is winning it. Last night, Tamar Braxton and Joey Lawrence were way ahead of the other houseguests. Tamar was in the lead but Joey was close behind. As the night progresses, Tamar’s name got higher, while Joey’s name went lower on the list. This makes sense because many fans weren’t happy about Ryan Lochte’s eviction. They were most likely to give Joey a vote out of revenge or just for being loyal. Fans love loyalty, and an underdog. Because of the current dynamics, Joey is the underdog. He’s the only one going against the majority.

Tamar has a huge fanbase, but not only that, she’s bringing most of the entertainment. Why would you want to get rid of the player creating the most storylines? Additionally, fans may sympathize with her after she went on the block this week.

So now that you know who is leading the Twitter polls so far, whno are you giving your vote?

[poll id=”113″]

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