Celebrity Big Brother 2 Week 2 Power of Veto Results (1/28/19)

On Friday night, Kato Kaelin beat the odds to become the second Celebrity Big Brother 2 Head of Household. He set his Target on Dina Lohan. The two started the season with a pretty tight friendship, but Kato picked sides. He formed an alliance with Tom Green, Natalie Eva Marie, and Lolo Jones. This meant he had to keep Dina in the dark about voting out Jonathan Bennett.

He also nominated Tamar Braxton due to her messiness, both literally and figuratively speaking. Neither women took the nominations well at all. However, there may be a bigger plan in motion. A plan to backdoor Ryan Lochte or Joey Lawrence. This week’s Celebrity Big Brother competition would determine who became the final Target.



This Celebrity Big Brother 2 Power of Veto competition involved tossing a ball and seeing which slot it landed in. The player with the ball to land in the biggest slot won this week’s Veto.

Tom went first and scored a 35 million

Dina was next. Her ball fell off.

Kato was next, he scored a 15 million.

Tamar went next and she scored a 35 million.

Eva Marie went next and her ball fell off.

Joey was up next and he scored 25 million.

It came down to a to breaker between The and Tamar.

Tom’s to breaking score was 70 million. Tamar received 45 million.

Tom  Green won this week’s Celebrity Big Brother 2 Power of Veto Competition.

Following the competition, the houseguests went immediately into the Ceremony. Tom used the Veto to save Dina. Ryan went up as his replacement nominee. Read our full Celebrity Big Brother 2 recap to find out who went home between Tamar and Ryan .

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