Big Brother’s Donny Thompson Loses His Groundskeeper Job

To appear on Big Brother 2014, Donny Thompson resigned as a groundskeeper at the Cabarrus County Schools district. Throughout the season, Donny emphasized how much he loved his job. Many Big Brother contestants go on the show to gain fame. One thing that made Donny so likable was that he clearly went on the show for the love of the game. Being famous didn’t even register on his Big Brother 16 agenda.

Big Brother 16 Donny

The North Carolina native won over America’s heart. He quickly became a favorite of the season and even won the America’s Favorite Player title. The America’s Favorite Player prize money, and being part of Team America, won Donny over $40,000 (plus his stipend), which is more than even the runner-up made. A decent earning for 90 plus days in the Big Brother house and jury one, but definitely not enough to quit working forever. So Donny knew he’d have to return to work, and he genuinely wanted to return to it.

During his eviction interviews, Donny expressed concerned that he wouldn’t get rehired at his groundskeeping job. Many interviewers, and fans, dismissed Donny’s worries. It didn’t make sense for a likable and experienced person, like him, to not get his job back. Unfortunately, Donny’s concerns were proven right.

via Twitter
via Twitter

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Donny returned home to find his job still available. He then had to reapply for the position. Donny didn’t get rehired, instead they hired someone else. They did hire him though as a part-time janitor.

Donny confirmed on Twitter that he wasn’t rehired.

Some of Donny’s former housemates used Twitter to speak against what they felt was an injustice, and others showed support by retweeting it.

America’s Favorite Player recently took a major step towards the future, but he’s definitely not starting his next chapter the way he wanted it. Maybe CBS will consider using Donny in a future show, or #HireDonny will cause some moves to be made in favor of him.