Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/19/18) Veto Twist Revealed & Another Eviction

The last week of Celebrity Big Brother is underway, and we still have eight celebrities living in the Big Brother house. After one of the most targeted celebrities in the house won the last Head of Household (HOH) competition, we should see some chaos as the houseguests scramble to save their games.  HOH Omarosa nominated Ross Mathews and Brandi Glanville to the block for eviction with Ross being Omarosa’s primary target.  Can Ross save his game and will his power alliance remain intact after Omarosa’s reign in the Big Brother house?  Let’s find out.

Omarosa’s top priority while acting as HOH is to break up any pairs and alliances in the Big Brother house.  She has not been at all shy about telling the houseguests exactly what her plan entails while HOH.  By planting seeds of doubt, Omarosa hopes that the alliances will start to question one another, therefore falling apart.

Brandi did a lot of Omarosa’s work for her when she went against the house majority and placed a rogue vote to evict Mark McGrath instead of Shannon Elizabeth.  This sent some shock waves through the house majority and power alliance she has with Ross, Ariadna Gutiérrez, and Marissa Jaret Winokur.  Brandi’s last minute sympathy vote has her alliance unsure if they can trust Brandi any longer in the Big Brother house.

The house is aware of the deal James Maslow made with Omarosa at the HOH competition, but they are questioning whether or not Mark has made a deal with Omarosa also.  Mark had expressed concern about Omarosa nominating him to the block for eviction.  When Mark was not nominated for eviction, many of the houseguests began to speculate he made a last minute deal to save his game.

James began to question his deal with Omarosa as to whether or not evicting Ross was best for his Big Brother game.  He and Mark decided that evicting Brandi is better for their game.  To ensure Brandi’s eviction, they needed one more vote and approached Marissa with a final four deal that would include Ross.

The twist was revealed by Julie Chen for the Power or Veto (POV) competition.  The viewers voted for the VIP POV which grants the winner of the veto the ability to use the veto twice if they so chose to do so.  Needless to say, the celebrities were a bit taken back with the twist and were desperately trying to figure out the impact this twist would have on the Big Brother game.

The POV, called Invitation Only, required that the houseguests raced against one another to put together a puzzle in the fastest time.  The first houseguest to bring all of their puzzle pieces down the red carpet to their puzzle board and correctly complete their puzzle wins the VIP veto.  In addition to Ross, Brandi and Omarosa competing in the veto, Marissa, Metta World Peace, and Mark were also randomly chosen to compete.

Ross barely beat out Omarosa to win the VIP veto by just a second or two.  Not only can Ross pull himself off the block and save his Big Brother game, but he can also save Brandi’s game. If he pulled both himself and Brandi off the block, Omarosa would then have to nominate two new houseguests to the block for eviction.

As assumed, Ross used the POV to pull himself off the block.  Omarosa nominated Metta in his place for eviction because Metta wanted to leave the game to be home with his family.  Surprisingly, Ross opted not to use the ability to save Brandi from the block.  Therefore, the houseguests will vote for either Metta or Brandi for eviction from the Big Brother house.

The live vote for eviction was unanimous to evict Metta with a vote of 5 to 0.  During his exit interview and through the tears of joy, Metta revealed that the mental aspect of the game took it’s toll on him.  He also shared with Julie that he is rooting for Ross to win the title of Celebrity Big Brother.

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