Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 20 Highlights- Ross Almost Gets Evicted, and then Wins Back his Alliance

Yesterday, the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests were still trying to figure out who to evict. Omarosa really wanted Ross Mathews out of  the Big Brother game. She just needed to secure three out of the five votes to make it happen. Omarosa had two votes guaranteed, but getting that third vote would be the issue.

Celebrity Big Brother Ross Mathews and Mark McGrath

James Maslow and Mark McGrath were actively trying to go against Omarosa’s wishes: They were trying to save Ross and evict Brandi Glanville. Omarosa spent most of the pre-eviction feeds trying to reform the Celebrity Big Brother all-women’s alliance.

She emphasized the danger of Ross staying in the game, especially if he now had an all-men’s alliance with Mark and James. Metta World Peace also backed up Omarosa with hher claims about Ross.

Ariadna Gutierrez and Brandi were already onboard for a new alliance, but Marissa Jaret Winokur was the issue. She didn’t want to betray Ross. Without Marissa on their side, they didn’t have the numbers to evict him.

Metta and Ari were going to vote to evict him, Marissa would be the deciding vote. The early Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds ended on a cliffhanger with viewers not being sure who would get voted out that night.

Celebrity Big Brother Marissa Jaret Winokur

The debating wouldn’t even matter in the end, because Ross won Power of Veto and saved himself. This led to Metta’s eviction. The “four” would take America voting for the VIP veto as a sign that America wants their alliance to stick together. They couldn’t betray Ross.

James and Omarosa were once again the targets. However, Ross desperately wanted Omarosa out the house, and the rest of the alliance saw James as more of a threat. When the Head of Household competition ended, Mark held all the power.

Celebrity Big Brother day 20 Live Feeds

Ross would use his influence to once again try to rid the house of Omarosa. And once again, he would get brushed off. Mark and James see Ari and Brandi as more of a threat. So Mark intended to nominate the beauty queen duo, and put up Omarosa as a replacement nominee.

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