Big Brother 22 Episode 33 Recap: Who Won POV?

Enzo Palumbo is HOH of the Big Brother All-Stars house this week, but does he really hold much power? With only four houseguests left in the game, the power this week rides with the houseguest that wins the POV. The reason…they will cast the only vote for eviction this week and will automatically be safe and guaranteed a spot in the final three with Enzo.

Big Brother 22

Enzo nominated Nicole Franzel and Christmas Abbott to the block for eviction tomorrow night. Christmas seems to be the houseguest targeted by Enzo’s ride-or-die, Cody Califiore, for eviction so she better put on a good show at the POV competition to save her game. Who will win the golden power of veto and who will be in danger of heading to the jury?

 Eleven Block Nominations Fallout

Enzo put Nicole and Christmas on the block, but he would really like to take Christmas to the final three over Nicole. Cody, however, does not want to take Christmas and would rather see Nicole on the final three of Big Brother All-Stars.

Christmas is not handling the block nomination from Enzo very well. She herself admits that she is taking it harder than she thought she would. She has decided to stop speaking with the house for the time being.

Week Eleven Luxury Competition

This luxury competition awards the winner a cool ten grand and is called Clash of the Comics. Each houseguest drafts four BB comic heroes to be on their team. The comics will face off in head-to-head battles until only one BB comic hero is left standing. The player that drafted the winning comic wins $10,000.

Christmas chose Mrs. Claws, the Regulator, King Kayser, and the Bandanimal
Nicole chose the Bombshell, Cereal Killer, Mem-FIST, and Da’Dream
Cody chose Cali-Fury, Dirk Spacejammer, the Podmaster, and Bayleigh’s Comet
Enzo chose the Birthday Girl, the Meow Meow, Abra-Curl-Dabra, and David & Goliath

BB Clash of the Comics

After many rounds of play, Mem-FIST won which means Nicole won $10,000 in the luxury competition. She is thrilled beyond belief with her unexpected windfall.

Week Eleven Power of Veto Competition

This POV competition is called the Fast and the Furriest. The houseguests will be given an event that occurred in the Big Brother house. They must determine which day this event occurred and run on their human-sized hamster wheel to select the answer.

Once the houseguest believes they have the correct answer, they must buzz in. The last player correctly answering each question will be given a strike. Once a houseguest receives three strikes, they are out of the competition.  The last player standing wins the most important POV of Big Brother All-Stars.

Christmas and Enzo are the first two Houseguests to receive strikes. Enzo already receives another strike and is in danger of being eliminated after just 3 rounds. Enzo is out in the next round.

Big Brother POV

Christmas is the next player in danger of being eliminated with two strikes. After a couple of more rounds, Christmas is out. Now Cody and Nicole are left to fight it out for the win. Cody won another competition, his seventh of the season.

Week Eleven Power of Veto Ceremony

Not surprisingly, Cody chose NOT to use the golden power of veto and to leave Christmas and Nicole on the block for eviction tomorrow night. Join us for the live eviction tomorrow night at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST.

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