Big Brother 16: Week 1 Eviction & Heads of Household Results

Are you ready to find out who went home on Big Brother 16 in week one? The first live Big Brother eviction results show for 2014 is finally here! By the end of the night, either Big Brother 2014 cast member Joey Van Pelt or Paola Shea will be headed out the door. We already know from Big Brother spoilers which one is the most likely to get the boot, but the real fun is all about watching how it all goes down.

Big Brother 16 cast  (CBS)
Big Brother 16 cast (CBS)

On Big Brother tonight at 9PM ET/PT, the Houseguests will cast their first live votes of the season to evict either Joey or Paola. We will also get to see how CBS Big Brother is going to handle crowning two Heads of Households during a normal week. Will they do the Heads of Household Competition from now on as one combo event? Maybe with the HGs who come in first and second as the new HoHs? Will we get to see all of the competition/s and winners tonight?

Hopefully those who don’t subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds will also get the chance to enjoy some of Joey’s crazy antics as her alter-ego ‘Alex’. We’ve seen some strange tactics for trying to secure votes to keep yourself in the house, but this was one of the weirdest. We are also hoping that CBS might finally, maybe, give some screentime to Zankie (Frankie & Zach) and their bromance on the cusp of a showmance going on in the house.

Who will be evicted on Big Brother 2014 tonight? Which two Houseguests will come out on top as the new Heads of Household and face the next Battle of the Block? Join our live Big Brother 2014 recap below of the first eviction show tonight at 9PM ET/PT!

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