Big Brother Spoilers: Frankie and Zach – Bromance or Showmance?

Since the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds debuted last week, fans everywhere have quickly become obsessed with Zankie: the adorable budding friendship of Houseguests Zach and Frankie. The question everyone is wondering: will they remain a simple alliance or enter into the first gay Big Brother showmance in the show’s history?

Big Brother 16 Houseguests Frankie and Zach (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Houseguests Frankie and Zach (CBS)

While Zach initially rubbed Frankie the wrong way by seemingly judging him for attending a certain school in Florida, it quickly became apparent that they put aside any differences and decided to work together closely.

Zach and Frankie made a final two deal early on in the game. They also both belong to the Bomb Squad alliance and each has sub-alliances. Zach is closely aligned with Cody and Derrick while Frankie is closely aligned with Christine, Caleb, and Devin. For a full recap of alliances, check out our Day 10 Alliance Recap. While the rest of the house notices their budding friendship, none seem to view the couple as a domineering threat to their games. Live Feeders latched onto the idea early on that Zach and Frankie might develop feelings for each other. When they are alone, they constantly praise each other and use cute nicknames for one another. Frankie has even kissed Zach repeatedly on the back of the head while laying on top of him. In fact, there is a whole Zankie showmance video on YouTube set to one of Ariana Grandes songs!

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However, it was still a question whether or not Zach was simply playing Frankie to further his game (as his Diary Room sessions would suggest) or if he is really interested in Frankie. In regards to their relationship, Frankie has told a few Houseguests that he is never the type of person to pursue someone who is not out of the closet. In other words, Zach must divulge his orientation and/or his feelings to Frankie for anything to happen. Early this morning (around 6:28 AM), however, we got our first confirmation that Zach may indeed be attracted to Frankie. In a conversation in the backyard, Cody and Brittany both divulged conversations they had with Zach earlier. Cody told her that Zach admitted to wanting to have sex with Frankie and Brittany recalled Zach telling her how Frankie turns him on. 7-1-2014 12-49-37 PM

Brittany: I think Frankie and Zach are going to have a showmance… Cody: I will tell you this… and please don’t say anything. I swear to God I’ll know it was you because I’ve not told anyone and kept this in.  But [Zach] come up to me while we were at the photo thing and he was like “Bro, I wanna f**k Frankie.” I was like, what? Brittany: Oh my god… yeah, at the photo thing, he was looking at Farnkie and staring him up and down and was like, “You’re making my dick hard. You’re turning me on.” And me and the girls were like… Cody: I hadn’t even spoken to Zach yet… This was day two and Zach and I hadn’t talked that much… and he said “Bro, I don’t even know, I want to f**k Frankie so bad, he’s turning me on so much right now.” I didn’t know if he just hadn’t come out yet, maybe he was just bi or something… He’s never had a gay friend. Brittany: I think he’s a lot more open about it… Cody: I know… I was laying in bed next to them and I swear to God I think they were going to make out. This is going to happen and I’m going to be laying here… I think that [Zach’s] just confused because he’s never felt like he feels about a guy…

If Zach comes around to admitting his feelings to Frankie, will they develop a full-blown showmance? As both are familiar with Big Brother, they know that showmances can be detrimental to their game. They currently seem to be in a great position to go far in the game with their overarching Bomb Squad alliances and sub-alliances. Cody seems to be the main one thus far to recognize Frankie as a threat. He’s told Christine to watch out for him because he’s good with everyone. We will see how this relationship pans out, and whether it develops into anything more. Follow along on Twitter @BigBroAccess and stay with us as we bring you the latest news on Big Brother 16!


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