Big Brother 23 Week Five Alliance Update: The Flush is Flushed

We have begun the fifth week inside the Big Brother 23 house, and there have been quite a few changes to the alliances. At the beginning of the week, the powers that be announced the end of the team concept originally created on premiere night. With the Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jokers disbanded, the Wildcard competition has come to an end as well.

Big Brother 23 Week 5 Alliances

Surprisingly this week, the new Head of Household Derek Xiao and ally Tiffany Mitchell accidentally showed their cards and exposed the largest alliance in the Big Brother 23 house this week to another houseguest. They both worked fast to cover their tracks, but the damage looked to have been done. Let’s talk about those specifics and much more as we discuss the alliances inside the Big Brother 23 house in week five.

The Team Concept Is Over, Well Officially

In the first couple of weeks in the Big Brother 23 game, the four teams of four didn’t seem to be fully aligned with one another. That seemed to change as time went by. The Kings were still very loyal to one another when the teams were officially disbanded this week as well as were the Jokers.

The Queens are still strong but have added Derek X. to their group and now call themselves the Detectives. The Aces have just two houseguests, Derek X. and Hannah Chaddha who already have a final two agreement with one another.

The Kings still had all four members of their team in the Big Brother 23 house, a feat none of the other teams could claim. The largest alliance in the Big Brother house was created by combining the Kings, Queens, and one member of the Aces. They called themselves the Royal Flush.

With eight members in the alliance, this was a pretty large and solid group. From the Kings, they had last week’s HOH Christian Birkenburger, his showmance partner Alyssa Lopez, week three HOH Xavier Prather, and Sarah Beth Steagall.

From the Queens, there was week two HOH Kyland Young, Week Three Wildcard winner Tiffany Mitchell, and Week four Wildcard winner Claire Rehfuss. Last but not least, the group added Derek X. as the “Ace up their sleeve” with an HOH win and two POV wins under his belt to date.

The team concept may be officially over within the Big Brother game, but the teams have left a mark on the alliances forged thus far in the season.

The fate of the Royal Flush

Soon after Derek X. made the deal with Xavier Prather to take the HOH crown this week, things got messy for the Royal Flush alliance. While game talking in the Big Brother bathroom with Hannah and Derek X., Tiffany slipped up and let the cat out of the bag about the Royal Flush.

To set the stage, the three were talking about the possibility of backdooring Christian this week. Tiffany was telling Derek X. to take the shot at Christian if he felt comfortable doing so and, she said, “or we can ride the Royal Flush”. Obviously, Hannah was caught off guard with the mention of this Big Brother alliance.

As soon as Hannah was alone with Derek X., she couldn’t get the question off her tongue quick enough to ask him what was the Royal Flush. Derek X. played it smooth and said this alliance was just a one-week thing to keep the both of them safe last week. Derek X. thought Hannah bought his story, but she is definitely keeping the info close to her hip.

Tiffany spoke with Hannah later about the Royal Flush. Tiffany was able to downplay the alliance with Hannah as well. She explained it was a temporary agreement just to buy them some time while Christian, a King, was the HOH last week.

The fate of the Royal Flush still remains to be seen with the HOH’s plans to backdoor one of his own fellow allies from the Royal Flush this week. In addition, Derek X. used another ally from the Flush as a pawn on the block, Sarah Beth. Obviously Christian will not be very pleased as he is the target, and his ride-or-die partner Alyssa (also a member of the Royal Flush) will be pretty upset too. Only time will tell if the Flush is flushed, but it looks that way.

Alliance Roundup

The Cookout alliance that includes Kyland, Tiffany, Hannah, Xavier, Derek Frazier, and Azah Asasum is still in place and going strong. They feel pretty safe this week now that the nominations have been made. The Jokers in the Cookout (AKA Azah) were the most nervous because they really don’t have a direct deal with Derek X.

Big Brother 23 Kyland Young Azah Asasum

The Detectives are still solid, and as mentioned previously, they include the Queens and Derek X.

There are more two-person deals in the Big Brother house than can be easily counted. Those final two deals usually stay strong until one person in the alliance gets evicted.

To round things up in week five, the Royal Flush is in trouble, the Cookout is still cooking, and there are more smaller alliances in the Big Brother 23 house now than ever. As the game moves on, it will be interesting to see how the Cookout manages to hang in there, but they are hoping to make the final 6 before starting knocking off each other. But don’t all the alliances in the history of Big Brother have those goals?

Join us next week for the week six alliance roundup.

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