Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: Week 2 Head of Household Results (1/25/19)

Last night , we had our first two Celebrity Big Brother 2 evictions. We witnessed the story behind Anthony Scaramucci’s eviction and we saw Jonathan Bennett leave the game through a vote. It was the first Celebrity Big Brother 2 blindside. With starting the season with a blindside and crazy “twists,” no one wants to leave themselves vulnerable to eviction.

Immediately, following the Celebrity Big Brother 2 eviction, the houseguests began an endurance competition. The person to outlast everyone else became this week’s Head of Household. This will be a speedy next eviction with it coming Monday. Over the weekend, we will have nominations, Power of Veto competition and ceremony.

Kandi Burruss and Ricky Williams probably needs this week’s Head of Household win the most. Ryan Lochte and Joey Lawrence are probably close behind. Kandi is still Tamar Braxton’s number one target, and she is likely to try to get her nominated and evicted this Monday.

Ricky has been rubbing people the wrong way, so he went from play a good, quiet game, to a few people’s main target. Ryan and Joey both got blindsided with Jonathan’s eviction, so it makes it easier for the others to vote them out next. Right now, everyone is playing a little crazy, so we’re excited to see whoever wins and what they’ll do as Head of Household.




It was a simple wall competition. The player to last the longet won it.

Tom fell out first. Kandi came down right behind him. Ricky was next to fall.

Tamar started to have a panic attack about being up so high. She then had to be coached down.

Dina, who was doing very well, fell next. There was an appearance by the crew to warm them up by spraying  them with something.

Lolo comes down because she worries about injurying her arm. Kato offers Joey and Eva Marie a deal to keep them safe this week. Joey comes down, followed by Eva Marie.

Kato Kaelin is the new Head of Household

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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