Celebrity Big Brother 2 Recap: POV and Live Eviction 01/28/2019

Surprisingly, Kato Kaelin is sitting pretty inside the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house as of late after winning two back-to-back competitions including Power of Veto and Head of Household.  Kato doesn’t have a large alliance backing him up in the house , but he does have one very loyal Tom Green on his side that owes Kato a favor or two.  At the Nominations Ceremony last evening, Kato nominated Tamar Braxton and Dina Lohan to block for eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 Kato Kaelin

Although Kato nominated Tamar and Dina to the block initially on last night’s episode, neither of those houseguests may be his final target for eviction tonight.  Kato has admitted, along with other’s in the house, that Ryan Lochte is the biggest threat in the game right now.  Will Kato try and backdoor the 12 gold medalist Olympic swimmer?

Block Nominations Fallout

Tamar immediately fires back at Kato for nominating her to the block for eviction.  Tamar felt as though he made a big, big mistake by using the excuse that she doesn’t clean up after herself.  She insists tat she is NOT the maid.  Then Kato added fuel to the fire by saying she should go home to be with her son.  Tamar drama instantly filled the house.  Tamar accused Kato of being a sexist pig.  Let the games begin.

Kato’s plan is to keep Dina safe from eviction this go round, but he can’t trust her enough to let her in on the master plan.  His master plan does seem to be to backdoor Ryan.  He has a very upset Tamar to deal with first and foremost as she is now popping off about Kato going after her son…while crying the entire time.

Operation Backdoor Ryan

Tamar finally decided to confront Kato about his decision to nominate her to the block for eviction.  Kato insisted that nothing he said was intended to malicious.  When confronted as to why she was nominated, Kato only offered that it was part of the game play.  Like Dina, Kato did not feel as though he could trust her to keep the backdoor plans for Ryan a secret.  In the end, the two celebrities hugged it out.

Tom approached Lolo Jones about going forces with a final four alliance of Kato, Tom, Lolo and her ride-or-die Natalie Eva Marie.  Both celebs feel as though this is a good deal and strong alliance.  Kato decided to create a strong bond with the girls by letting them in on his plan to backdoor Ryan.  Once he let the cat out of the bag with Lolo and Natalie, they are definitely on board the K-train.

Ryan accidentally walked in on the new foursome talking about him.  This immediately let him onto to the fact that he is the backdoor target this week.  He knows the only way he can be safe is to win the Power of Veto.  Ryan does have an alliance with Joey Lawrence and confides in him about his suspicions.

Ryan Lochte

Ryan and Joey confront Kato and he tells them that they are possibly in trouble for eviction this week.  Kato tells them that he will not know that info until after the POV competition.  Joey and Ryan vow to win the POV to save their games this week.

Power of Veto Picks and Competition

By random draw, Tom, Natalie and Joey were selected to compete in Power of Veto competition with Kato, Tamar and Dina.  The POV competition is called Worldwide Rollout.  Each celebrity will have a chance to roll their ball around a globe trying to get their ball to land in the highest number.  The celeb that lands their ball in the highest number slot once all the balls have been rolled wins the golden power of veto.

Tom is up first and rolls a 35 million.  Dina rolls a 0 as her ball goes off the globe.  Kato rolls a 15 million and is eliminated.  Natalie rolls a 0.  Tamar gets a 35, tying Tom. Joey is the last to roll and is eliminated.  A tie-breaker will ensue between Tamar and Tom.

Tom rolls first and gets a 70 million.  Tamar rolls a 45 million but is eliminated.  Tom won the golden POV and must decide immediately if he will use the power.  At the POV ceremony, Tom decides to use the power and takes down Dina.  Now Kato has to nominate a replacement nominee which is Ryan.

Either Tamar or Ryan will be sent home in just a few short minutes in the live eviction.

Live Eviction Results

Joey voted to evict Tamar
Tom voted to evict Ryan
Lolo voted to evict Ryan
Dina voted to evict Ryan
Kandi voted to evict Ryan
Ricky Williams voted to evict Ryan
Natalie voted to evict Ryan

By a vote of 6 to 1, Ryan is evicted from the Big Brother house.  During his exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Ryan admitted that he messed up his game in the beginning with his initial alliance.  He thinks he was the biggest threat in the game.  He also thinks keeping Lolo safe was his fatal mistake in the game.

Time for America’s vote.  Voters get to pick which houseguest will receive the Power of the Publicist.  This power allows the receiver to remove him or herself from the block at the next two nomination ceremonies or veto meetings.  This will allow them to be safe at the next eviction.  The power can only be used once and expires after the live POV meeting on Feb 4th.  Vote now by tweeting the hashtag of the celebrity you want to see win the Power of the Publicist, such as #CBBKato or #CBBTom, etc.

Join us Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 8 PM/ 7 PM CST for the results and the nest Head of Household will be crowned.

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