Big Brother 13 Episode 22: Live Eviction and Head of Household Competition

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Last night’s live eviction on Big Brother 13 hardly came as a surprise to anyone after a week of watching one of the nominated players battle for their lives… completely fruitlessly. For those watching the CBS Big Brother 13 episodes, the person who was going to the Jury House seemed relatively certain, even if CBS does try to always make it look dicey. For those watching the Big Brother live feeds, there was no question at all who would bite the bullet this week.

After Rachel ended up with the Power of Veto this week and took herself and Jordan off the eviction block, the next move seemed all to obvious. Houseguest Shelly Moore had done the unforgivable, she had betrayed her alliance with Jeff and Jordan and voted for Jeff to be evicted. Despite any other game play consideration, I just couldn’t see any way that Jordan would not vote Shelly out. And where Jordan voted, Rachel was going to vote.

With only Kalia on her side and supporting her with her vote, Shelly Moore just had no chance of sticking around another week. With a vote of two to one, Shelly was evicted and sent off to the Big Brother 13 Jury House. We’re sure she is still apologizing endlessly to Jeff right now — probably with chest pounding and crocodile tears to emphasize how much of a biatch she was. (Whatever Shelly.)

Following the eviction vote, the houseguests were off to the backyard for the next Head of Household competition. The competition was titled ‘Rollin’ in the Dough’ and featured the houseguests climbing through glop and candy to retrieve the most doughnuts in 13 minutes. The competition was not over by the end of the live CBS Big Brother 13 show, so viewers had to switch over and tune in to the Big Brother live feeds to find out the winner.

Host Julie Chen teased the audience with info that Pandora’s Box would be making another appearance, this time with a celebrity bonus. Next week will also be another double eviction, with a special eviction episode on Wednesday and then another eviction on Thursday. We’ll also have part one of the three-part final Head of Household Competition.

This week’s nominations will be revealed on the Big Brother live feeds Friday night, so stay tuned here to fine out who goes up on the block. You still have time to get in on the live feeds now so you can watch all the drama leading up to the final episodes and Flashback to all the best live feed moments of the season. Check out your three-day free trial here!

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