!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13: Week 9 Head of Household Results

After the live eviction on Big Brother 13 last night, the new Head of Household competition continued on the Big Brother live feeds. This competition was totally one of the most disgusting of the season. The houseguests were forced to crawl through a pool of gooey grossness that clung to them like giant snot and then over a pile of candy and styrofoam peanuts digging into their hands and knees and sticking all over them.

All of this while clutching drippy, sticky, nasty slime-covered donuts. I personally don’t know how the houseguests don’t end up puking their guts out during some of these things. Still, everyone kept their stomachs intact and a new Head of Household has emerged to wreak havoc in the BB13 house. If you want to know the winner, just click underneath our SPOILER alert below!

[spoiler name=”Week 9 Head of Household Results”]

Once again, Rachel has managed to land as the winner of yet another competition, making her the new Head of Household. It should be fun to see how things go down this week with Rachel as HoH and a possible Pandora’s Box coming up again. Plus, we have another double eviction week on the way. Lots of drama in the BB13 house this week!


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