!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13 Week 9 Pandora’s Box Surprise

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Pandora’s Box is almost always one of the most fun twists in the Big Brother game — usually anyway. Sometimes it will lead to huge upsets in the Big Brother 13 house, like it did when Porsche opened it and let louse the duo rules on the house for a week. (Eventually resulting in Jordan and Rachel having the power to vote out Shelly.) Apparently Big Brother 13 executives thought we needed an extra dose of Pandora’s Box to keep things interesting this week and so they pulled it out again to tempt the new Head of Household.

Extra warning in advance for those who don’t want spoilers, this post is full of them so run away now! But if you want to know what happened with the latest Pandora’s Box surprise, just click underneath our SPOILER alert below.

[spoiler name=”Week 9 Pandora Box Surprise”]

When the live eviction episode of Big Brother 13 on CBS ended last night, the Head of Household Competition was still going on. We had to wait patiently and watch the Big Brother live feeds to find out the eventual winner — Rachel. Love her or hate her, the girl does have a knack for winning competitions.

When Rachel went up to the Head of Household this morning, she discovered the Big Brother powers-that-be had left her a present in the form of another Pandora’s Box temptation. In the HoH room, Rachel found a ‘celebrity shopping spree’ invitation and pictures of Tori Spelling. Thinking maybe she would get to have Tori Spelling help her with her wedding plans to Brendon, Rachel jumped to open Pandora’s Box.

Of course, Rachel should have known that Pandora’s box is never that obvious. So when she stepped through the Pandora’s Box door, she didn’t end up meeting Tori Spelling. Instead, she ended up getting surprised by Big Brother alumni Jessie ‘Mr. Pectacular’ Godderz in a speedo. Oh joy!

Meanwhile, the OTHER houseguests did indeed get to meet Tori Spelling and get a mass of free clothes. Poor Rachel was forced to watch all the fun from upstairs. The houseguests were nice though and did grab some free stuff for Rachel. Jordan says she grabbed the clothes with “sequins” just for Rachel. Awwwh.

It’s kind of fun to watch all the houseguests playing dress-up with piles of clothes all over. You can check it out for yourself with the Flashback on the Big Brother live feeds at 11:51 AM BBT.


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