Gurl, have you caught the first few days of  Big Brother Live Feeds? It’s as if this cast was tasked with showing up all of Big Brother 16 in a few short days and they intend to accomplish that goal by any means necessary.

I just really want to get to the bottom of this… because I am the victim here.

It is like, slow down, boo! At this rate, you are in no danger of being half as boring as the cast that shall remain nameless. This season is going to be a record setting 96 days; it may be a good idea to pace yourselves!

Live Feeds Premiere Weekend

While Vanessa’s bizarre crying jag and Jace’s quest to be the most dicktastically annoying “bro” you never did want are worthy footnotes, the Queen of Drama crown must bestowed upon Poo Stirrer Extraordinaire, Ms. Audrey Middleton!!

The self proclaimed “misunderstood villain” has managed to turn the house upside down and inside out in ways that even the most ardent Big Brother Superfan could never have imagined. When one thinks of winning strategies, they would be hard pressed to map out one that looks quite like the one that Audrey has unleashed upon the house.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-26-2015 1

While pitting houseguests against one another and having an in with all sides of the house is a viable strategy, Audrey has done little to cover her bum when it comes to the houseguests getting together to compare notes. She is also unapologetically confrontational to the point where if she hears even a whiff of someone speaking ill of her, she will go and pull them into a room to hash it out, all the while painting herself as a victim. The catch is that usually the point of origin, in these instances, is Audrey herself! She has caused strife and fights amongst several of the houseguests, all the while planting seeds of distrust.

From spreading false rumors about “talks of a girl alliance,” to throwing every “ally” she has under the bus to her other “allies,” to last night’s #SongGate (where it is realized that Audrey told Vanessa who told Austin who told Jace about a song that James was going to sing to him at the Veto Meeting) no one really knows where Audrey’s true loyalty lies – other than to herself, of course.

James makes himself taller to underscore just how important it is that they sniff out the alliance mole who told Jace about the Veto Meeting Song he did not use.

Most amazingly, even if the houseguests realize that the common denominator in all of their problems is Audrey, they still confide in her! It is literally like, “I do not trust Audrey, let’s go tell her everything!” Is this Audrey’s ‘Mist?’ Can we consult the thesaurus and call it something else altogether? How about her Vapor? Smog? Dew? Spray? Spray! Is Audrey spraying them with something that causes them to lose all sense of logic and fall back underneath her spell so that they will give her more information to twist around to use against them two seconds after they disappear from her eyesight?

The fact that so much of what people say about Audrey gets back to her has given her an air of “untouchability” and makes it more difficult for any real plans to target her take shape. At the same time, the more things trickle back to her, the easier it is for the houseguests to realize who they can and cannot talk to about her if they do not want to be pulled into the former Beehive Room for an intense interrogation.

Audrey: Do you love her or hate her?

Whatever it is, dew, spray, fog, smog, or some otherworldly, astrological shift in the cosmos, one thing is for certain – it is not a long term strategy! At some point, Ms. Middleton is going to have to pick sides and try to rehabilitate the trust she loses once everyone realizes that she is the rat that she keeps warning them about. As it stands, Clay and Shelli appear to be her truest/closest allies as they buy most of what she is selling and report things back to her like the dutiful minions she is shaping them into.

Polarized Big Brother Live Feeds viewers are split on either wanting Audrey out NOW or NEVER with some of us right in the middle. Regardless of if Audrey leaves sooner or later, one thing we all can count on is that, once she is on the block, the feeds? Oh, they will be golden!

Do you think Audrey, and her manipulative ways, is long for this game? Are you tired of the Audrey Show or do you want it to go on forever?  What do you think her mist should be called? Let us know what you think!

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