Who Went Home On Big Brother 24 Tonight? (7/14/22)

As we enter the first live episode of Big Brother 24, Daniel Durston is the current Head of Household. His original nominations were Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins. When his target won the Power of Veto, Daniel replaced Michael with Taylor Hale. She was heavily campaigned to go on the block by Paloma Aguilar.

Big Brother 24 Eviction

This has been a wild week inside the Big Brother house. We are uncertain about the live eviction tonight because rumor has it that Paloma is no longer in the Big Brother 24 game. Tonight’s eviction was already up in the air with the twist, the Backstage Boss Pass. Now, we are left wondering what will happen, but Julie Chen has promised that all will be explained shortly.

Big Brother 24 Week One Block Nomination Fall Out

Taylor was more than blindsided by Daniel’s reason for placing her on the block as his replacement nominee after Michael won the POV. She was in tears and almost inconsolable after Daniel announced to Big Brother 24 house that she was on the block because she was making people in the house feel uncomfortable.

The biggest shock was when Paloma tried to comfort Taylor. She held Taylor while she cried and assured her that she had her for a friend in the Big Brother 24 house. Paloma had a strange sense that something wasn’t quite right, and she set out to speak with everyone in the house to find out who she had made feel uncomfortable.

Big Brother 24 Paloma Taylor

After hearing some of the stories back incorrectly from Brittany Hoopes, Taylor knew she needed to approach Monte Taylor to find out what was really going on.

Taylor clarified what she meant to Monte, and he explained how Paloma just ran with the information. Monte told us in the diary room that he was sticking with Paloma because he thinks Taylor’s game is too far gone.

Next, Taylor went to Paloma to clear the air based on the miscommunication between her, Monte, and Paloma. Paloma was extremely rude to Taylor and told her she didn’t even want to entertain a conversation. This upset Taylor because her game is on the line.

New Alliances Begin To Form Inside The Big Brother House

The house majority alliance in the Big Brother 24 house right now is the Girls, Girls alliance. Some of the members want to branch out and create a new alliance going forward while keeping Girls, Girls intact.

Alyssa Snider and Paloma were talking strategy and game with Monte and Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli. Alyssa suggested that they bring in Ameerah Jones and Kyle Capener to their group making a second 6 person alliance in the game. Ameerah was completely on board with this new alliance as it gave her a second large alliance, but this new one had 3 males to help with competitions.

Paloma, Monte, and Kyle agreed that Pooch may not be the best fit for the alliance. They agreed that bringing in Michael Bruner in Pooch’s place would be a wiser move in the Big Brother 24 game. They may just make Pooch a pawn.

Big Brother 24 Monte

Michael was approached by Paloma about the new alliance, and he was initially suspicious of the alliance. He also knows that when approached about a new alliance, you always say yes in the Big Brother game. That is what Michael did…he said yes.

On the other side of the Big Brother house, Brittany was worried about her Backstage Pass and the uncertainty surrounding that come eviction night. She approached Pooch to make a deal because he is the Backstage Boss. She told him she would have his back, and she gave him info that Ameerah wanted to make him her first target.

Of course, Pooch ran right to Ameerah with the info. Now Ameerah is questioning the Girls, Girls alliance and its allegiance. In addition, Ameerah has her sites set on targeting Brittany.

The Big Brother Game Starts to Take Its Toll

Paloma starts to become very exhausted daily because she can’t sleep inside the Big Brother 24 house. In addition, she is starting to make crazy statements to the cameras, and the other houseguests are taking notice.

Then out of the blue, Daniel reads an announcement stating that due to a personal matter, Paloma will no longer continue in the Big Brother 24 house. The houseguests took the news very hard. They all are worried about Paloma’s mental health and wish her the best.

Big Brother 24 Paloma Leaves

Julie announced that America’s Vote saved Brittany from eviction tonight, but Paloma’s untimely absence has changed the game. Here is what Julie explained:

If Paloma had stayed in the game, there was going to be a battle between one of the three backstage pass holders (Paloma, Brittany, or Alyssa) and either Taylor or Terrance, the block nominees. The Big Brother 24 house would have voted for either Terrance or Taylor to enter the battle against the Backstage Pass holder. The loser of that battle would have been evicted this evening. Because the battle can no longer take place as planned, and Paloma was one of the five that could have been evicted, all of the houseguests in jeopardy of eviction this evening are now safe this week. There will not be a live eviction or battle this week inside the Big Brother 24 house. 

Once this news was announced to the Big Brother 24 house, they all erupted in cheer and joy. Julie did also say that Brittany had won America’s Vote and would have been safe this week regardless.

Week Two Head of Household Competition

This week’s HOH competition was called Bye Bye Backstage. There were 7 head-to-head competitions, and the winner from each round moved on to compete for this week’s HOH. The 7 losing houseguests were immediately ineligible to win HOH this week.

Two at a time, the houseguests raced against one another through an obstacle course trying to beat their opponent to the stage. The first houseguest to reach the stage advanced and will compete later for HOH.

Big Brother 24 HOH Week Two

By random draw, Pooch and Michael faced off first. Michael won. Next up by random draw were Taylor and Alyssa. Taylor won. Next up were Indy Santos and Joseph Abdin. Joseph won. Brittany and Ameerah raced next, and Ameerah won. Jasmine beat Terrance, and Kyle beat Matt Turner. Monte and Nicole were last, and Monty won.

The HOH competition will be between Michael, Taylor, Joseph, Ameerah, Jasmine, Kyle, and Monte. Those results won’t be announced until Sunday’s episode. If you can’t wait until Sunday, head on over to Paramount + and the live feeds to see which houseguest won HOH.

Join us again Sunday for the results of the HOH competition. Julie also announced that a major change to the Big Brother 24 game will be announced next Thursday eluding that the houseguests will partner up with one another. Expect the unexpected, as they say!

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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