Big Brother 24 Week 2 Head of Household (HOH) (07/15/22)

Big Brother 24 has been a wild ride so far. This week’s Big Brother 24 eviction episode really proved that we can, will, and should expect the unexpected. We went into the episode expecting an eviction but instead got an unexpected exit. Paloma Aguilar left the Big Brother game for personal reasons. Her exit allowed Taylor Hale, Terrance Higgins, Brittany Hoopes, and Alyssa Snider to remain in the game.

Big Brother 24 Spoilers Week 2 Head of Household

Brittany won America’s votes so she would have been safe either way. However, if Big Brother went ahead with the eviction as planned, despite Paloma’s exit, then Alyssa would have had to face Terrance or Taylor to stay in the game. Host Julie Chen announced that this week’s eviction would have been a battle instead of someone being eliminated by a vote (via the Backstage twist).

Because there was no live eviction, Big Brother had more time to play this week’s Head of Household Competition. It was seven head-to-head battles through a quick obstacle course. The winner of each set would then advance to the final round.

Round 1: Michael Bruner VS Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli; Resulting in Michael advancing.

Round 2: Taylor Vs Alyssa; Resulting in Taylor advancing. 

Round 3: Indy Santos Vs Joseph Abdin; Resulting in Joseph advancing. 

Round 4: Brittany vs Ameerah Jones; Resulting in Ameerah advancing.

Round 5: Jasmine Davis vs Terrance; Resulting in Jasmine advancing.

Round 6: Kyle Capener vs Matt Turner; Resulting in Kyle advancing.

Round 7: Nicole Layog vs Monte Taylor; Resulting in Monte advancing.

Michael, Taylor, Joseph, Ameerah, Jasmine, Kyle, or Monte would become this week’s Big Brother 24 Head of Household. So who won it?  Read below to find out!



Jasmine won Head of Household!

Jasmine winning should make this week a little bit interesting, but she’ll likely once again put Taylor on the block. Brittany may also see the block this week. We’ll know her nominees for sure sometime tomorrow.


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