Big Brother 21 Showmance Report: Week 2-Birthday Kisses

Last week, the Big Brother 21 showmances were just starting to form. Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang shared a deep, personal heart-to-heart, and a pre-feeds kiss or two. However, Nick had a major crush on Analyse Talavera and she claimed to like him as well…but Jack Matthews was just too hot to her. Meanwhile, Jack wanted Christie Murphy, despite knowing that she preferred women.

Big Brother 21-Jack and Analyse Kiss

Jackson Michie also found himself in a sort-of love triangle. He liked Holly Allen but had a pre-feeds hookup with Kathryn Dunn. With week 1 out of the way, the houseguests have settled into their presumed showmances of the season.

Holly and Jackson continue to flirt, but haven’t done anything pass the occasional cuddle, mainly because Kat would probably blow up both of their games if it crossed the line from a flirtmance to an actual showmance. Jackson spent most of last week making sure Kat kept her distance. He didn’t want to be with her, but didn’t want to come across like an asshole by completely ignoring her. Kat seems to have accepted that the Jackson thing was just a pre-feeds fling. We’ll have to keep watching to see if this triangle goes any further.

The headline for this week is the double birthday hookup. Bella and Nick had some distress last week, when Bella didn’t like that Nick was trying to have cake and eat it too. She wanted them to be more exclusive as a non-official showmance. He cited that she was the one who told him that she didn’t want anything serious. After this talk, Bella and Nick basically became an open showmance to the Big Brother 21 house. Bicker aside, they seemed pretty solid, until Jack’s birthday.

Analyse discussed the day before it that she wanted to give him a birthday kiss. She was nervous because she didn’t want to be the one that made the first move. Finally, late at night, the two shared their first kiss under the covers, this lead to more. They then both openly discussed their shower romp with their friends.

During Jack’s birthday night, Nick tried to find Jack to tell him happy birthday. He noticed Analyse was missing as well, and derived a conclusion. He was definitely not happy about this birthday present. Others, like Jackson, started to notice how Nick made it a big deal and seemed angry about it. He told Jack about Nick’s behavior the next day. The two men discussed it and also both shared that they had a “release” on day 18.

Yes, Bella and Nick also had a little Jack’s birthday hookup that night. So it looks like three pairs have already had sex and it’s only been a little over two weeks in the house. At this rate, we might get an orgy at some point—just kidding, hopefully.

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