Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 19: Kemi and Jack’s Birthday

Yesterday, Kemi Fakunle and Jack Matthews turned a year older in the Big Brother 21 house. Big Brother gave them the present of a calm day, at least in terms of game talk and play. We didn’t see much of that on Sunday, and we never really do in the Big Brother house. It’s a day of rest and relaxation.

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The most game activity we saw was Jessica Milagros at least attempting to appeal to Sam Smith’s heart to get him to use the Veto on her. Of course, it didn’t work. Jessica is having a really bad week on the block. She’s making more people mad at her than actually helping her spot in the house.

There continued to be a level of animosity between Jess and Isabella Wang over the women’s alliance and the whole we started/didn’t start it. They didn’t confront each other about it (yet), but Nicole Anthony tried to do a little damage control on Jess’s behalf (and her own). She spoke to Christie Murphy about it all, and basically hinted that Jess wasn’t the ringleader behind Black Widows. She also said she felt someone (Bella) was trying to play two sides.

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Christie told others this but didn’t seem to take Nicole’s warning too serious. She’s trying to keep Gr8ful together. This alliance seems to come apart more and more by the day. There is a major conflict brewing between Nick Maccarone and Jack. Jack and Analyse Talavera hooked up on Saturday night, and Nick was angry about this action. He made it a little too known around the Big Brother 21 house, so it got back around to Jack (via Jackson Michie).

Calmly, Jack talked it out with Nick and they bonded over both having a hookup last night. However, both seem concerned that the other is going to take a shot sooner rather than later. Despite Jack’s hookup with Analyse, he wanted Christie to know that she’s his number one. She’s the one that he is most loyal to in the game. He would even stop pursuing a showmance with Analyse if Christie wanted that.

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To celebrate the birthdays, the houseguests made a cake for Jack and Kemi. Also Sam found out that his grandmother died while he was in the house. The other houseguests comforted him.

Much later, Kemi finally got her chance to campaign for Sam to use the Veto on her. She made some good points but we doubt Sam will risk his game to save her.

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