Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 64 Highlights: Paul Tries to Play the Hero

The Big Brother 19 houseguests spent the majority of yesterday waiting for the Power of Veto competition to play out. Each person wanted to win it for different reasons. Raven Walton wanted it to get her revenge for Matt Clines’s eviction. Christmas Abbott want it to keep her plan the same, Jason Dent and Alex Ow wanted it to save each other, Kevin Schlehuber wanted it to keep himself off the block, and Paul Abrahamian wanted it to play the Big Brother 19 hero.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Raven Walton

In the end, Paul was the one who got his wish. Alex threw the competition to him, which gave him all the power this week. Not only does Paul have the POV, but he wants the power to control the votes, and some of his allies aren’t too happy about this plan.

The Push-Back

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez

Christmas and Josh Martinez discussed Paul’s plan to remove Alex from the block, letting Kevin go up as a replacement nominee, and then split the votes. Paul and Alex would vote out Kevin, and Josh and Raven would vote out Jason. This left Christmas as the deciding vote.

This plan works out perfectly for Paul. He would still have Alex on his side and fully put the blame on Christmas and Josh. Josh had enough sense to realize this plan and warn Christmas.

Christmas trusts Paul too much and believed him when he said he would protect them next eviction. Josh tried to assert some authority and tell Paul that he wouldn’t go along with this plan. If Paul chose to take off Alex, he would have to also vote out Jason.

In the end, at least for now, Paul talked his way out of voting out Jason. If everything goes according to plan, this week either seals Paul as the winner or finally starts to destroy his house of cards.

Blind Loyalty

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent

Jason seems to see the writings on the wall. However, Alex keeps telling Jason not to worry, Paul owes them, Kevin is the target, and etc. Jason definitely feels like Alex or him will be leaving this week, but he’s letting Alex ease his fears too much. He also, at the moment, has too much pride to really campaign to stay.

We figure once Kevin goes on the block tomorrow, Jason will become overconfident that Kevin is the real target, and have no clue that this is his week to get evicted. This will make his exit a blindside, and he’ll probably play passive all week.

Veto Talk

Big Brother 19, Alex Ow, Paul Abrahamian, Jason Dent, and Josh Martinez

The houseguests revealed that this week’s veto had special guest Bobby Moynihan, who has a new show on CBS and he’s a big fan of Big Brother, host the Veto competition. He told Jason that his family liked him and was rooting for his win.

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