Who Was Evicted on Big Brother Last Night? 8/31/2017

Rapidly the Big Brother 19 jury house is filling up. Mark Jansen, Elena Davis, and Cody Nickson have had plenty of time to bond and discuss the game. Right now, the trio probably feel set on their opinions of the other Big Brother 19 players and their game. However, we all know that once more people enter, perspectives can be altered.

Big Brother 19 Power of Veto Meeting

Cody, Elena, and Mark, along with Ramses Soto, Dominique Cooper, and Jessica Graf, were the only players all season aware of Paul Abrahamian’s sly game. Mark and Elena to a much lesser extent than Cody, Jessica, Dominique, and Ramses. However, Matt Clines, Alex Ow, Christmas Abbott, and Raven Walton have been the most clueless about Paul’s game.

When the ones in the know start combining with the clueless, it could be an interesting unraveling of information. Today, one of the clueless ones will head to meet the ones in the know. Raven and Matt are up for eviction. Matt has done everything in his power to ensure his eviction. But will the houseguests grant his request?



Big Brother 19 Matt Clines

Yes Matt Clines was evicted from the Big Brother 19 house this week. He becomes the fourth member of this year’s jury. Hopefully, Matt will finally be clued into how played he was this season.

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